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Congratulations to Dr. Cathy Crudden, awarded the NSERC Discovery Grant for breakthrough work in novel organic coatings

Photo: Cathleen CruddenThe Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) has awarded Cathy Crudden the highest value Discovery Grant in Canada this year. Dr. Crudden and her team will work to discover the implications of carbon-to-metal bonds by analyzing films 100,000 times thinner than a human hair. You can read more about this innovative research on the Queen’s Gazette.


Introducing Lindsay Lee, Department Manager

Lindsay Lee

Lindsay comes from the Faculty of Health Sciences where she worked for the past seven years, most recently as the Manager of the Health Quality Programs.

She obtained her Master of Public Health from the University of Waterloo and a Bachelor of Health Sciences from McMaster University. She also holds a Project Management Professional designation and has completed the Queen’s Foundational Leadership Program. Apart from work, Lindsay enjoys spending time with her family, and working on her landscape and vegetable gardens.


Congratulations to Hannah Ramsay who won the 2021 National Young Persons’ Lecture Competition!

Photo: Hannah RamsayHannah Ramsay, PhD Candidate in the Stamplecoskie group, won the 2021 National Young Person's Lecture Competition, hosted by the Arthur B. McDonald Institute. Her victory has Hannah moving on to the global competition that will be held this fall in the UK. If you would like to view the competition it can be found on YouTube.


Dr. David Zechel is a co-leader of a multidisciplinary team of Queen’s researchers who received a $7.9 million grant from Genome Canada to develop biocatalytic methods to recycle plastics.

Photo: Open Plastics LogoA multidisciplinary team of Queen’s researchers made up of Laurence Yang (Chemical Engineering), David Zechel (Chemistry), George diCenzo (Biology), and James McLellan (Chemical Engineering) received a $7.9 million grant from Genome Canada for a new project exploring a microbial platform for breaking down and valorizing waste plastic, which can then be repurposed to produce recycled products. The revolutionizing project has been featured in the Queen’s Gazette and you can read more about the project at the Open Plastic website.



Congratulations to Morgan Lehtinen on receiving the 2021 SGS Award in Leadership, Innovation, and Community Engagement!

Photo: Morgan LehtinenWe are pleased to announce that Morgan Lehtinen, PhD Student in the Liu Group, is the recipient of 2021 SGS Award in Leadership, Innovation, and Community Engagement! This award recognizes exceptional graduate students who are making a meaningful difference in the world while also demonstrating the highest standards of academic excellence. Congratulations!


Congratulations to Matt Sanger, PhD student in the Jessop Group & Kyle Boniface, Queen's Alumni, on the recent publication of their work in Nature Chemistry

Photo: Matt SangerGrad student, Matt Sanger and grad alumnus Kyle Boniface of the Jessop group are celebrating the publication of their work in Nature Chemistry in a joint paper with Walter Leitner and his team at RWTH in Germany. The paper describes a heterogeneous catalyst that switches its selectivity when CO2 is introduced or removed, even though CO2 is not involved in the catalyzed reaction.



A statement in response to the attack in London, Ontario, on June 6th, 2021

Dear Queen’s Chemistry Community,

On behalf of the Department of Chemistry, I want to express the horror that we feel in response to the act of anti-Muslim hate that occurred in London, Ontario, last Sunday. This department is moved to state unequivocally that we condemn terror and racism in all its forms. While we mourn the loss of a family, we are also called to action.

This terrorist attack comes after increasing incidents of anti-Muslim, anti-Asian, and other racially motivated acts over the past year. We are also undergoing a reckoning with the traumatic legacy of Canada’s residential schools.

Diversity is a source of strength for our department. Building on our anti-racism statement from last year, we wish to reiterate that we are resolutely committed to creating and maintaining a safe working and learning environment. We are also committed to self-education and outreach. Specific actions include:

  • We are establishing a Code of Conduct that will ensure discriminatory behaviours and language are not acceptable in our department.
  • We are implementing equity modules into safety training.
  • We are creating Chemistry Graduate Awards for underrepresented groups in our department.

If anyone, including staff, faculty, and students, feel they need support or help in any way, please feel free to contact the Department Head at any time. You can also reach out to the Department’s Ombudsperson or Student Wellness Services for support.