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NanoFabrication Kingston (NFK) is an open-access facility providing science and engineering researchers from academia, government, and industry with access to leading-edge equipment, methodologies, and expertise for designing and prototyping microsystems and nanotechnologies.

Up-to-date information on lab capabilities, fees, procedures, etc. can be found on our website.

Graham on microscope
Two people stand watching laser
Laser stage
Featured Instrumentation
  • Class 1000 cleanroom space with laminar flow hood
  • Electron beam lithography system/Scanning electron microscope (Raith Poineer)
  • Laser micromachining system (Oxford Lasers Alpha Series)
  • Maskless lithography system (IMP SF-100 Xpress)
  • Photolithography mask aligner (NxQ 4006)
  • Chemical printing system (SonoPlot GIX Microplotter)
  • Physical vapour deposition – electron beam evaporator (Thermionics 3 kW Linear e-Gun)
  • Physical vapour deposition – sputter (Lesker PVD 75)
  • Reactive Ion Etching system (Trion Minilock III RIE)


Innovation Park
945 Princess Street
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 0E9




Open 24/7

Staffed Hours:
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Contact Information

Dr. Graham Gibson

Dr. Graham Gibson
NFK Lab Operations Manager