Safety in Chemistry

In Case of Emergency  

If you are in need of immediate assistance, contact Campus Security at 613-533-6111 (emergency response).

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Safety is the responsibility of everyone who works in the Department of Chemistry. This includes all faculty, staff, graduate students, researchers and visitors to the Department. These pages are intended to cover many of the common or general hazards associated with work in the Department and must be read and adhered to by everyone working in the Department. It cannot be assumed that the warnings or rules laid out in these pages are necessarily complete for dealing with specific chemical hazards; additional information or measures may be required and the appropriate information sources should be consulted. It is the responsibility of individual supervisors to assure the necessary procedures and protocols are both established and followed in their respective work areas.

Personal safety depends upon a positive attitude towards safety as well as good, informed judgment on the part of each individual working in the Department. Most health and safety problems in the laboratory can be avoided by practicing good housekeeping and common sense based upon informed knowledge of the hazards.

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