Poster Printing Service

Please note there is limited poster printing services available in the summer and the service is unavailable on Fridays and Mondays until September. There may be additional dates the service is unavailable, it is best to email for inquiry or submit well in advance of your request.

The Department of Chemistry offers high-quality and convenient poster printing services for both the Queen's and Kingston Communities. We can fulfill your poster printing needs for research conferences, undergraduate presentations, signage, communications, and departmental notices.

Our Poster Printing Service is located in Chernoff Hall, room 200 (located directly to the left when entering the building from the Bader Lane entrance).

For Inquiries Email:
Regular Requests

We request that you submit your poster at least 24 hours in advance (excluding weekends). Requests received outside working hours will be processed the following business day. If absolutely necessary, we can provide express printing (less than 24 hours) and these requests are subject to a $20 surcharge. Please be aware that last minute requests are not guaranteed and it is at the discretion of the Office Assistant to determine if the request can be met.

Note: There are certain times when we require more than 24 hours notice due to the high volume of requests.

High Volume Requests

Course coordinators, researchers or others recommending our printing service to a large number of people should contact us directly to make sure that we can handle the volume expected. Please let us know at minimum 4 weeks in advance if a course poster session or research conference is coming up. The number of poster requests will determine how much advanced notice will be needed.

Known High Volume Times

  • Last two weeks of November (4th Year Project Poster Sessions)
  • Last week of March to the first week of April (4th Year Project Poster Sessions)
  • End of May to the beginning of June (CSC Conference)

Paper Type

We print on Matte Coated Paper 170gsm only


Due to the limited size of our poster printer we are only able to print up to a maximum width of 36" (3ft or 91cm). There is no limitation on the length of a poster (within reason). A standard size poster is 36" x 48" (3ft x 4ft or 91 cm x 122 cm). Posters can be printed in either portrait or landscape. Please check with your conference or poster session organizer for poster size restrictions.


We accept PDF or PowerPoint files only. Please ensure that the file is formatted to the correct dimensions of your poster with a width of no larger than 36". There have been known issues with certain types of graphics not printing correctly. We do not offer sample prints so we suggest you print a small proof to ensure that your graphics will print as you would like. Note: Posters are printed as is, so please ensure that there are no errors or omissions in the file provided. Any reprints will be subject to normal printing costs.

Our pricing is based on the square footage of the poster. Method of payment is determined based on affiliation to the department. All cash or debit payments must be paid prior to printing; you will be emailed payment instructions if you have chosen cash or debit as payment method. *Posters that contain less than 75% white space will be charged at the coloured background pricing


  • White Background: $3/sq ft
  • *Coloured Background: $3.50/sq ft
  • Express Printing: $20 surcharge
  • Method of Payment: Account Code, Stores Barcode, Cash or Debit (requires pre-payment) 


  • White Background: $4/sq ft
  • *Coloured Background: $4.50/sq ft
  • Express Printing: $20 surcharge
  • Method of Payment: Account Code, Barcode, Cash or Debit (requires pre-payment)


  • White Background: $5/sq ft
  • *Coloured Background: $5.50/sq ft
  • Express Printing: $20 surcharge
  • Method of Payment: Cash or Debit Only (requires pre-payment)

Send your poster requests to Make sure to put Poster Request in the subject and include the following in the email:

  • Name:
  • Supervisor (if applicable):
  • Department/Affiliation:
  • Course (if applicable):
  • Dimensions of poster (in inches):
  • Date and time required:
  • Method of payment (provide account or barcode numbers): (Please note, cash or debit payments must be paid prior to printing and you will be emailed instructions)
  • Attached poster file (if your file is larger than 9MB, please send the email request and then bring your poster file to Chernoff room 200 on a memory stick)

Once your poster has been printed and is ready for pick up you will be notified by email.