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Conference Travel Awards

Full time graduate students may apply for a student conference travel award of $300 each academic year.  Awards may be used to provide financial support for travel, accommodation, food and registration fees associated with a recognized conference at which the student is presenting their own or co-authored paper or poster.

You must be registered full-time in a graduate degree program at the time of the conference.

During their program, students in years 1-2 of a Master's program may receive a maximum of 2 awards.  Students in years 1-4 of a Doctoral program may receive a maximum of 4 awards.

Prior to Conference:  Eligible students must complete an Application Form (233 KB) and attach the required information as indicated on the application and submit to the Graduate Assistant. The Graduate Coordinator will review your documents and if they are acceptable, will approve the application.

After Conference:  Submit the following to the Graduate Assistant as soon as possible after the conference and no later than 4 weeks after the conference.

  • Complete the above Claim Form - the Graduate Coordinator will verify that this document matches those filed prior to the the conference
  • Copy of conference agenda must be submitted with claim form
  • All original receipts must be submitted
  • If expenses are greater than $300 and the supervisor has agreed to cover the additional cost, submit one of the following:
    • ERS System Reimbursement - following the instructions below
    • Travel Expense Form - following the instructions below

Instructions for Submitting an ERS Reimbursement for a Conference Travel Award:

Instructions for Completing a Travel Expense Form for a Conference Travel Award:

Example of Completed Form (PDF, 75 KB)

  • List all receipts under the expense information. All original receipts should be attached to the submitted form
  • Add the Travel Award as an expense item, with the amount listed as -300.00
  • Enter the account information provided by your supervisor
  • Complete and sign the Prepared by/Employee signature section
  • Have your supervisor complete and sign the Department/Research Project/Fund signing authority signature section
  • Submit to the Graduate Assistant for verification and signature of Department Manager