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Undergraduate Students

  • Chernoff Hall Lab

    Chernoff Hall Lab

  • Students recording observations in the Undergraduate Labs

    Students recording observations in the Undergraduate Labs

  • Students adding a solution to an erlenmeyer flask

    Students adding a solution to an Erlenmeyer flask

  • Students using a scoopula in an Undergraduate Lab

    Students using a scoopula in an Undergraduate Lab

  • Students anaylzing their findings

    Students anaylzing their findings

Interested in pursuing chemistry? Check out this information about choosing a CHEM plan, the  CHEM Academic Calendar and Career Services'  CHEM Major SSP Maps
Remembrance Day Policy
Remembrance Day at Queen's will be celebrated on November 11th, from 10:30 to 11:30 am during which time classes are cancelled. Students who have a laboratory scheduled during this time period and would like to participate in the 10:30-11:30 am ceremony may skip their laboratory on that day, provided they make arrangements to perform their laboratory tasks during a make-up lab time (for details and arrangements, please contact your lab TA).

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  • The Undergraduate Resources link provides an up-to-date list of chemistry tutors, an online copy of the undergrad safety manual, a link to useful online chemistry resources, and a FAQ page.

  • The Degree Programs link has a description of all chemistry programs and provides advice and background information on each program. Advice is also provided if you are unsure about your major but wish to keep chemistry as an option!

  • The Awards and Summer Jobs link describes undergrad awards available to chemistry undergrads, summer employment opportunities, a list of chemistry students placed on the Dean's Honor List, and other awards winners.

  • Information for future students is provided from the Future Students link. Here information about Queen's, about Chemistry programs, and about careers in Chemistry can be found.

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