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Anton Toutov

Anton Toutov

Founder & Chief Science Officer
Fuzionaire and Fuzionaire Diagnostics

Anton Toutov is the Founder and Chief Science Officer of Fuzionaire and Fuzionaire Diagnostics, chemistry technology companies founded on a proprietary catalysis platform developed in the Grubbs lab at Caltech. He holds a number of other professional appointments, including Senior Technical Adviser to the Gates-funded Medicines for All Institute and chairperson of the Queen’s DDQIC-GN: Los Angeles.

Anton has a BSc in chemistry from Queen’s University (ArtSci ‘11; Advisor: Prof. Victor Snieckus, Bader Chair Emeritus) and a PhD in organic chemistry from Caltech (CCE ‘16; Advisor: Prof. Robert H. Grubbs, Atkins Professor and 2005 Chemistry Nobel Laureate) where he held Dow–Resnick, NSERC, and Bristol–Myers Squibb fellowships. He has >50 scholarly publications, patents, and patent applications across the fields of drug discovery, catalysis, nuclear medicine, and clean energy.