Anton Toutov

Anton Toutov

President, CTO, and Co-Founder of Astra Navigation, Inc.

Department of Chemistry


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Anton is a tech entrepreneur, scientist, and patented inventor. He earned a BSc from Queen’s University at Kingston and completed a PhD in the laboratory of Nobel Laureate Robert H. Grubbs at Caltech, where he held Dow-Resnick, NSERC, and Bristol-Myers Squibb fellowships. He is an author on over 70 scholarly articles, patents, and patent applications and his research has been spotlighted nationally and internationally by Nature magazine, NASA, Scientific American, Royal Society (UK), National Science Foundation (US) and in the documentary Element 19. He has co-founded a number of emerging companies, including analytical testing laboratory KorvaLabs (merger with Curative, Inc in 2020), and VC-backed chem-tech start-ups Fuzionaire and Fuzionaire Diagnostics. He is currently the President and CTO of software tech company Astra Navigation, Inc.