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Congratulations to Caitlin Miron, PhD candidate on receiving 2017 Mitacs Outstanding Innovation Award-PhD!

Caitlin Miron receiving the 2017 Mitacs Outstanding Innovation award-PhDCongratulations to Caitlin Miron, Chemistry PhD candidate in the Petitjean group, for her achievements in winning the 2017 Mitacs Outstanding Innovation award-PhD, for her discovery and exploration of novel guanine quadruplex binders. Through the Mitacs Globalink program, Caitlin was able to drive a collaborative project between Queen’s Chemistry department (Petitjean group) and the IECB (Mergny group, Bordeaux, France) and identify very promising compounds with applications in health sciences. Caitlin is making news around the globe with her groundbreaking research that has the potential to prevent cancer cells from spreading; to read more please visit: The Whig, CTV News, and SI News.


Professor Gregory Jerkiewicz has been awarded the 2018 Eminent Visitor Award of the Catalysis Society of South Africa (CATSA).

Dr. Gregory JerkiewiczAs described on the CATSA web site, “CATSA aims to recognise excellence in catalysis research by overseas scientists. In acknowledgement of their significant contributions, an Eminent Visitor Award is presented to an influential researcher at the annual CATSA conference.” These awards include a lecture tour of selected universities and main catalysis research centres in South Africa.” More information about the award and the CATSA 2018 Conference can be found at the following CATSA website.




Special Congratulations to Bruce Jameson, featured in the Gazette

Bruce Jameson ChancellorSpecial Congratulations to Bruce Jameson! 70 years ago, Jameson left Queen’s with one credit short from his degree in engineering chemistry. He started working full-time for a petroleum company right after he left and stayed in the industry for 39 years. Over the years he married, had children, grandchildren and is now retired. On November 14, 2017 Bruce Jameson returned to Queen’s for Convocation and finally received his degree thanks to his grandson. Read the full article on Bruce Jameson’s success on the Gazette.


Zechel Lab Receives NSERC Strategic Grant for RoundUp Degradation

Dr. David ZechelAn NSERC Strategic Grant worth $851,400 over 3 years was awarded to the Zechel lab and a consortium of researchers to develop methods to remediate soils contaminated with RoundUp (glyphosate), the most widely used herbicide on Earth. Led by Trevor Charles (U. Waterloo), this proposal will combine the expertise of the Zechel lab with Geoff Horsman (Wilfrid Laurier), Ze-Chun Yuan (U. Western Ontario) and Kerri Wang (A&L Canada Laboratories) to select and engineer bacteria to degrade RoundUp.




Dr. Cathleen Crudden is one of the recipients of the 2017 Queen’s Prize for Excellence in Research!

Dr. Cathleen CruddenDr. Cathleen Crudden is the most recent professor in a long line of accomplished chemistry faculty who have won this award in the past: 2015 Guojun Liu; 2011 Victor Snieckus; 2010 Philip Jessop; 2007 Suning Wang; 2006 Stan Brown; 1999 Axel Becke; 1998 Michael Baird; 1997 Almeria Natansohn; etc.




Prof. Richard Schrock (MIT) presents the inaugural Baird Lecture

Collage photo of the inaugural Baird LectureThe inaugural Baird Lecture was given on September 28th, 2017 by Prof. Richard Schrock (MIT) who presented a historical overview of the different discoveries related to the olefin metathesis reaction. Of course, Dr. Schrock’s own contributions were ultimately recognized with the 2005 Nobel Prize in chemistry. Prof. Schrock also showed highlights of his more recent work.