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The William Patrick Doolan Award

Patrick DoolanWilliam Patrick Doolan (“Paddy” Doolan) came to the chemistry department at Queen’s University after World War I in which he was both wounded and decorated. He was given supposedly light duties but these eventually included the running of the first year laboratories and the preparation and performance of a wide variety of chemical demonstrations in the lecture theatre. These demonstrations, which were performed for four decades, were of such a character that Paddy was remembered by former students long after the lecture chemistry had been forgotten. Paddy carefully practiced each demonstration until it was mastered. Not only did his demonstrations always work, they guaranteed much amusement, and occasionally high drama and excitement. He was friendly and willing to help others at any time and was sorely missed by faculty and students alike on his retirement in the 1950s. He died on March 11, 1976. The Queen's Alumni Review featured the article Remembering Paddy Doolan (PDF, 205KB).

 In 1989, Dr Wally Breck asked that a William Patrick Doolan Memorial Award be established to honour the memory of William Patrick Doolan. The Award is given to the graduate student who contributes the most to demonstrating in the first year laboratories. It focuses attention on the important contributions to teaching made by graduate students in the Department and is intended to encourage high standards in the laboratory.
This honour is “awarded annually on the recommendation of the Head of the Department of Chemistry to the graduate student who contributes the most to demonstrating in the first year chemistry labs.”

The Fisher Scientific Award

Fisher Scientific is a major provider of instruments, equipment and other products to the Canadian scientific community. We provide more than 250,000 products and services to research centres, health care, educational and industrial customers nationwide. We serve scientists engaged in biomedical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical and other fields of research and development, and we are a supplier to clinical laboratories, hospitals, health care alliances, environmental testing centers, quality-control laboratories and many other customers.

As one of Canada's most technologically advanced laboratory and industrial safety products supplier, Fisher Scientific has achieved a remarkable record. We've been able to attract and retain the best people, maintain unique and often exclusive relationships with the world's best suppliers, and earn the loyalty of our customers. Exceeding your customer service expectations with a combination of the best people and the latest technologies has been and will always be our central focus.

The Fisher Scientific Award, valued at $500, will be awarded to a Teaching Assistant who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the education of chemistry students.

Friends of Chemistry Teaching Assistant Award

The Friends of Chemistry Teaching Assistant Award was established to recognize outstanding teaching by a graduate student or an upper year undergraduate student who is employed as a teaching assistant in courses offered by the Department of Chemistry. This award will recognize their outstanding influence on the quality of student learning. This award, valued at $500,  was made possible by donations from Friends of Chemistry.

David Thomas Award for 2nd Year Synthetic Laboratory

David Thomas is the President and Chairman of the AXYS Group of Companies.  The AXYS Group of Companies consisting of; AXYS Environmental Consulting, AXYA Analytical Services, AXYS Technologies Inc. and Seastar Chemicals Inc. which specializes in advanced technology products and services.    Mr. Thomas is a member of the Chemical Institute of Canada and he holds a Master of Science from UBC.
The David Thomas Teaching Assistant Award, valued at $500, will be award to the laboratory Teaching Assistant in 2nd year Synthetic Chemistry who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to the education of chemistry students.