Department of Chemistry



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ST020– Batteries CR2032

ST021– Batteries AAA
ST021A– Batteries AAA Lithium
ST022– Batteries AA
ST022A– Batteries AA Lithium

ST023– Batteries 389/390

ST024– Batteries LR44

ST026– Batteries C
ST027– Batteries D

ST028– USB

ST029– Batteries 9-Volt

ST030– Light Bulbs, Various Watts

ST031– Binder 1”
ST032– Binder 1.5”
ST033– Binder 2”
ST033A– Binder 3”

ST038– Chalk, 12/box

ST040– CD-R

ST041– Clips, Small, 9/16”, ea

ST042– Paper Clamps, Size #1, 12/box

ST043– Clips, Binder, 1”, ea
ST043A– Clips, Binder, 3/4”, ea
ST044– Clips, Binder, 2”, ea
ST046– Clips, Binder 1 1/4”, ea

ST048– Compressed Air Duster

ST051– Correcting Fluid, Whiteout

ST052– Correcting Tape, Whiteout

ST065A– Dividers Assorted Colours

ST066– Dymo Label Cassette

ST070– Duo tang

ST071– Elastics, Assorted
ST072– Elastics (1 3/8 X 1/16)
ST073– Elastics (2 X 1/16”)
ST074– Elastics (3 X 1/16”)
ST075– Elastics (3 1/2 X 1/4”)
ST076– Elastics (3 X 1/8”)
ST077– Elastics (5 X 5/8”)
ST078– Elastics (6 X 1/16”)

ST080– Envelope Interdepartmental

ST081A– Envelope, Padded #0 6x10
ST084– Envelopes, Padded, #6, 12.5x19
ST085– Envelopes, Queen's, White #10
ST087– Envelopes, Queen's, Kraft, 9x12
ST088– Envelopes, Queen's, Kraft, 10x13

ST089– Eraser, Pink Large

ST090– Eraser, White

ST091– Hanging Folder, Legal, ea
ST091A– Hanging Folder, Letter, ea

ST092– File Folder, Legal, ea
ST094– File Folder, Letter, ea

ST095– Glue Stick, Medium

ST096– File Folders, Legal, Various Colours

ST097– Graph Paper 20 x 20, per pad

ST098– Highlighter, Assorted

ST099– Twin Pocket Portfolio

ST100– 3-Hole Punch

ST103– Blue Lab Book
ST104– A9, Red, Green, Black Book

ST105– Marking Tags, 100/pk

ST120– Chemistry Dept Letterhead

ST126– Domestic Postage Stamp

ST125–  Permanent Marker, Black, Small Tip
ST127– Permanent Marker, Black
ST128– Permanent Marker, Red
ST128A– Permanent Marker, Blue

ST129A– Mechanical Pencils

ST129B– Mechanical Pencil Leads

ST137– Pad, Writing, Letter 
ST138– Pad, Writing Letter 3-Hole

ST140– Page Protectors

ST141– Paper Clips Jumbo 2”
ST142– Paper Clips Standard 1”

ST146– Paper, Xerox, White 8.5 X 11

ST152– Pen Black Fine
ST153– Pen Black Medium
ST154– Pen Blue Fine
ST155– Pen Blue Medium
ST156– Pen Red Fine
ST156B– Pen Blue Medium

ST157– Pen Flexgrip Black Fine
ST157A– Pen Flexgrip Blue Fine
ST158– Pen Flexgrip Black Medium
ST158A– Pen Flexgrip Blue Medium

ST159– Pencil

ST159A– Pencil Sharpener

ST159B– Pencil, Red

ST162– Poster Storage Tubes, 37''

ST163– Post-It Notes 1½ X 2, Yellow
ST165– Post-It Notes 3 X 3, Yellow
ST167– Post-It Notes 3 X 5, Yellow
ST168–  Post-it Mini Flags, Arrows

ST169– Thumb Tacks 100/pk

ST176– Ruler Plastic 12”

ST177– Coil Note Book

ST178– Scissors

ST179– Staples, Standard

ST179A– Stapler
ST179B– Staple Remover, Pinch Style

ST179C– Staple Remover Push Style

ST179D– Staples Heavy Duty

ST180– Push Pins, 100/pk

ST181– Clear Packing Tape, 2''
ST182– Tan Packing Tape, 2''

ST183– Double Sided Scotch Tape

ST185– ½” Magic Tape (Invisible)
ST185W– ¾” Magic Tape (Invisible)

ST186– Masking Tape 1”

ST187-Painters Mate Green Masking Tape, 1''

ST189– ½” Scotch Tape
ST189W– ¾” Scotch Tape Transparencies

ST196– Twine

ST203– White Board Cleaner

ST204– White Board Eraser

ST207– White Board Marker Set