L012A– Autoclave Tape, 1"

L013– Brush 11/4" Buret, 36"long

L014– Brush Centrifuge, 6 3/4"
L015– Brush Centrifuge Tube, 8"

L016– Brush Volumetric Flask, 500ml

L018– Brush Test Tube, 20cm
L019– Brush Test Tube 9"

L020– Brush Tufted End

L021A– Rubber Bulbs Pack, 2ml, 72/pk

L023– Bulb Rubber 30ml

L036– Cork Ring, 30mm x 80mm
L037– Cork Ring, 60mm

L040– Cotton Tip Applicator 100/pk

L045– 60mL Filter Funnel, Buchner, 14/20 Lower Vacuum Assembly, Medium Fit

L055– Utility Knife

L056– Funnel Buchner Buchner 43mm
L057– Funnel Buchner Buchner 56mm
L058– Funnel Buchner Buchner 100mm

L059– Filter Adapter #4
L060– Filter Adapter #3 (Crucible Holder)
L061– Filter Adapter set, Neoprene, 7pc

L062– Filter Paper, fast, 5.5cm, P8
L063– Filter Paper, fast, 7cm, P8
L064– Filter Paper, fast, 9cm, P8
L065– Filter Paper, fast, 11cm, P8
L066– Filter Paper, fast, 12.5cm, P8
L067– Filter Paper, fast, 15cm, P8
L070– Filter Paper, med, 3cm W1
L071– Filter Paper, med, 4.25cm W1
L072– Filter Paper, med, 5.5cm W1
L074– Filter Paper, med, 9cm W1
L075– Filter Paper, med, 11.0cm W1
L076– Filter Paper, med, 12.5cm W1
L077– Filter Paper, med, 15cm W1
L081– Filter Paper, slow, 4.25cm, P5/W2
L082– Filter Paper, slow, 5.5cm, P5/W2
L083– Filter Paper, slow, 7cm, P5W2
L084– Filter Paper, slow, 9.00cm, P5/W2
L085– Filter Paper, slow, 11.0cm, P5/W2
L086– Filter Paper, slow, 12.5cm, P5/W2
L087– Filter Paper, slow, 15.0cm, P5/W2

L093– Litmus Paper, per tube

L094– Assorted Tweezers

L095– Forceps, Curved
L096– Forceps, Straight
L097– Forceps, 10"

L098– Large Tongs, Crucible

L099– Scissors 4.5” Dissection, Sharp-Pointed

L105– Grease Silicone, High Vacuum

L116– Microfuge Tubes, 0.5ml, 1000/pk
L117– Microfuge tubes, 1.5ml, 500/pk

L121– Parafilm Roll

L122– Pencil, High Temp, Green

L125– Sharpie, Blue
L126– Sharpie, Black
L127– Sharpie, Red
L128– Sharpie, Silver

L132– pH paper, 1 - 6
L133– pH paper, 1 - 12

L136– Pipe Cleaner, Small, 1.5-3mm, per foot
L138– Pipe Cleaner, Large, 2.5 to 5mm, per foot

L139– Pipette Tips, 1-200ul, White, 1000/pk
L141– Pipette tips, 50-250ul, Yellow, 1000/pk
L142– Pipette tips, 101-1000ul, Blue, 1000/pk
L143A– Pipette Tips, 0.5-2.5ml, 100/pk
L144– Pipette tips, 5000ul, 250/pk

L145– Razor Blade, Single Sided

L150– Scalpel Blade, #3
L151– Scalpel Blade, #4
L151A– Scalpel Blade, #11 (for #3 Handle)

L151B– Disposable Scalpel #11

L152– Scalpel Handle, #3
L153– Scalpel Handle, #4

L157– Scoopula, Stainless Steel

L161– Safety - Chemical Label (Small)
L162– Safety - Chemical Label (Large)
L163– Safety - Chemical Peroxide Former (Small)
L164– Safety - Chemical Peroxide Former (Large)
L165– Safety - Lab Use Only (Small)
L166– Safety - Lab Use Only (Large)

L173– Spatula, Single

L174– Spoonula, 9''

L175– Spatula, Stainless, Double-Ended

L177– Stick, Wooden Applicator, 10/pk

L180– Stir Bar Retriever

L181– Magnetic Stir Bar, 8x1mm
L182– Magnetic Stir Bar, 10x3.0mm
L183– Magnetic Stir Bar, 1/2 x 1/8mm
L184– Magnetic Stir Bar, 1/2 x 5/16mm
L185– Magnetic Stir Bar, 1 x 5/16mm
L186A– Magnetic Stir Bar, 1 1/2" x 5/16mm

L187– Stir Bar, Egg-Shaped, 1 ¼ x 5/8mm
L187A– Stir Bar, Egg-Shaped, 3/4 x 3/8mm
L188– Stir Bar, Egg-Shaped, 1 1/2 X 5/8mm

L189– Magnetic Stir bar, 3/4 x 5/16mm

L190– Septum Stopper, 5mm for NMR tubes
L191– Septum Stopper, Rubber #11.5
L191A– Septum Stopper, 8mm Tubing
L192– Septum Stopper, Rubber #13
L193– Septum Stopper, Rubber #14.5

L193A–Septum Stopper, Suba-Seal, 14/20-14/35 threaded

L194– Septum Stopper, Rubber #15

L195– Septum Stopper, Sleeve-Type, For 19/22-19/38 Outer Joints

L196– Septum Stopper, Natural Rubber 24/40 Joints

L196A– Septum Stopper, 24/40 threaded

L197– Septum Stopper, Rubber, 9-10mm Tubes

L198– Septum Stopper, 19/22 threaded
L198A– Septum Stopper, #14.5 threaded
L199– Septum Stopper, 10/30 threaded
L199A– Septum Stopper, #41 threaded 19mm

L210– Septum Stopper, Rubber, Micro
L211– Septum Stopper, Rubber, #000
L221– Septum Stopper, Rubber #00
L222– Septum Stopper, Rubber #0
L223– Septum Stopper, Rubber #1
L224– Septum Stopper, Rubber #2
L225– Septum Stopper, Rubber #3
L226– Septum Stopper, Rubber #4
L227– Septum Stopper, Rubber #5
L228– Septum Stopper, Rubber #5.5
L229– Septum Stopper, Rubber #6
L230– Septum Stopper, Rubber #6.5
L231– Septum Stopper, Rubber #7
L231A– Septum Stopper, Rubber #7.5
L232– Septum Stopper, Rubber #8
L233– Septum Stopper, Rubber #9
L234– Septum Stopper, Rubber #10
L235– Septum Stopper, Rubber #10.5
L236– Septum Stopper, Rubber #11
L237– Septum Stopper, Rubber #11.5
L238– Septum Stopper, Rubber #12
L239– Septum Stopper, Rubber #13
L239A– Septum Stopper, Rubber #13.5
L240– Septum Stopper, Rubber #14
L241– Septum Stopper, Rubber #15

L251– Support, Gas Cylinder

L255– Labelling Tape, Blue
L256– Labelling Tape, Green
L258– Labelling Tape, Red
L259– Labelling Tape, Yellow

L263– Thermometer,-10C to +200C Ever-Safe

L268– Weigh Boats, 1", 1/pk
L269– Weigh Boats, 2", 1/pk
L270– Weigh Boats, 3", 1/pk

L270A– Weigh Dish, Aluminum, 57mm, 1/pk

L271– Weighing Paper, 3 x 3, 500pk
L272– Weighing Paper, 4 x 4, 500pk

L281– TLC Plates, Aluminum 20 x 20, 25/box

L300– Corks, Assorted Sizes

L302– Peroxide Test Stick, 1/pk

LC2788- Lab Coat 3X
LC2789- Lab Coat X-Small
LC2790- Lab Coat Small
LC2791- Lab Coat Medium
LC2792- Lab Coat Large
LC2793- Lab Coat X-Large
LC2794- Lab Coat 2X
LC2795- Cotton Lab Coat X-Small
LC2796- Cotton Lab Coat Small
LC2797- Cotton Lab Coat Medium
LC2798- Cotton Lab Coat Large
LC2799- Cotton Lab Coat X-Large

MKit001 – Molecular Model Set
MKit002 – Molecular Model Set Add-on