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Glassware (Vials, Test Tubes & Bottles)

Beaker G001– Beaker, 10ml
G002– Beaker, 20ml
G003– Beaker, 50ml
G004– Beaker, 100ml
G005– Beaker, 150ml
G006– Beaker, 250ml
G007– Beaker, 400ml
G008– Beaker, 600ml
G008A– Beaker, 800ml
G009– Beaker, 1L
G010– Beaker, 2L
G011– Beaker, 4L

Breaker Cover G015– Beaker Cover, 50 mm
G016– Beaker Cover, 90 mm
G018– Beaker Cover, 125 mm
G019– Beaker Cover, 150 mm

Amber bottles G020– Bottle Amber, screw cap, 120ml

Amber bottles with Septa Tops G020A– Bottle Amber 40ml with septa top

Amber bottles with screw caps G021– Bottle Amber, screw cap, 250ml

Amber bottles with PP lids G021A– Bottle Amber 250ml PP lid

Ambre bottles with screw caps G022– Bottle Amber, screw cap, 500ml
G023– Bottle Amber, screw cap, 1L

Bottle Barnes G024– Bottle, Barnes, 30ml

Dropping Bottle G025– Bottle, Dropping, 60ml

Bottles with caps G026– Bottle with cap, 125ml
G027– Bottle with cap, 250ml
G028– Bottle with cap, 500ml
G028A– Bottle with cap, 1L

Reagent Bottle G029– Bottle, Reagent, 125ml

weigh bottle G030– Bottle Weigh 50X30mm

Pyrex SOlution Bottles G034– Bottles Pyrex Solution, 100ml

Plug seal caps G035– Caps Plug-Seal for G034

capillary tube G041– Capillary Tube, one end open, 100/pkg
G042– Capillary Tube, both ends open, 100/pkg

Cystallizing Dish G063– Dish Crystallizing, 150mm x 75mm
G064– Dish Crystallizing, 190mm

Dropping pipette G071– Dropping Pipette 2ml, each

Disposable graduated pipettes G071A– Disposable Graduated Pipettes, each

erlenmeyer flaskG083– Erlenmeyer Flask, 50ml
G084– Erlenmeyer Flask, 125ml
G085– Erlenmeyer Flask, 250ml
G086– Erlenmeyer Flask, 500ml
G087– Erlenmeyer Flask, 1L
G088– Erlenmeyer Flask, 2L

Filter Flask G091– Filter Flask, 25ml
G092– Filter Flask, 50ml
G093– Filter Flask, 125ml
G094– Filter Flask, 250ml
G095– Filter Flask, 500ml
G096– Filter Flask, 1L
G096A– Filter Flask, 2L

filter funnel G097– Filter Funnel, 65 mm
G098– Filter Funnel, 100 mm

powder funnel glass G099– Powder Funnel Glass

Glass covers G101– Glass cover, 18 mm, each

Glass Slides G105A– Glass Slides, 1"x3"

Graduated cylinders G111– Graduated Cylinder, 10ml
G112– Graduated Cylinder, 25ml
G113– Graduated Cylinder, 50ml
G114– Graduated Cylinder, 100ml
G115– Graduated Cylinder, 250ml
G116– Graduated Cylinder, 500ml
G117– Graduated Cylinder, 1L

NMR Tube
G125– NMR tube, 5mm

NMR Cap G125A– NMR Caps, 10/pkg

Pasteur Pipet G131– Pasteur Pipet 5-7/8", Sold by the box
G132– Pasteur Pipet 9", Sold by the box

Petri Dishes G133– Petri Dish 50 x 15mm, Top & Bottom
G134– Plastic Petri Dish 15x60mm
G135– Petri Dish 20x100mm, Top & Bottom
G136– Plastic Petri Dish 15x100mm
G137– Petri Dish, 10x100mm, Top & Bottom
G138– Petri Dish15x100mm, Top & Bottom
G139– Petri Dish 20x150mm, Top & Bottom

graduated bottle G141– Graduated Bottle, 1oz
G142– Graduated Bottle, 2oz
G143– Graduated Bottle, 4oz
G144– Graduated Bottle, 8oz
G145– Graduated Bottle, 16oz

Wide-mouthed bottles G146– Bottle Wide Mouth, 32oz

Polypropylene Jars G147– Jar Polypropylene, 125ml
G148– Jar Polypropylene, 250ml
G149– Jar Polypropylene, 500ml
G150– Jar Polypropylene, 1L

Stirring rods G151– Stirring Rod 5x150mm
G152– Stirring Rod 10''

Test tubes G161– Test Tube, 10x75mm, Per Box
G162– Test Tube, 13x100mm, Per Box
G163– Test Tube, 16x150mm, Per Box
G163A– Test Tube, 16x100mm, Per Box
G164– Test Tube, 18x150mm, Per Box
G165– Test Tube, 25 x 150mm, Per Box

Snap Top HPLC Vials G170– Vial, HPLC Snap Top, Clear 2ml, 100/pkg

Snap Caps for HPLC Vials G170A– Cap Snap for HPLC Vial, Red

Dram screw capped vials G171– Vial, Screw Cap, 0.5 Dram, Per Box
G172– Vial, Screw Cap, 1 Dram, Per Box
G173– Vial, Screw Cap, 3 Dram Tall, Per Box
G174– Vial, Screw Cap, 4 Dram Tall, Per Box
G175– Vial, Screw Cap, 6 Dram, 144/box
G176– Vial, Snap Cap, 3 Dram Stubby, Per Box
G177A– Vial, Screw Cap, 4 Dram Stubby, Per Box

scintillation vials G178– Vials, 7ml Scintillation, Per Box

Scintillation vials G179– Vials, 20ml Scintillation, Per Box

Volumetric Flask G180– Volumetric Flask, 1ml
G181– Volumetric Flask, 2ml
G182– Volumetric Flask, 5ml
G183– Volumetric Flask, 10ml
G184– Volumetric Flask, 25ml
G185– Volumetric Flask, 50ml
G186– Volumetric Flask, 100ml
G187– Volumetric Flask, 250ml
G188– Volumetric Flask, 500ml, w/ Glass Stopper
G189– Volumetric Flask, 1L

Wheaton Jar G191– Wheaton Jar, Clear, 30ml

Teflon Caps for Wheaton jars G191A– Caps Teflon Lined for G191

Wheaton Jars G192– Wheaton Jar, Clear, 60ml
G193– Wheaton Jar, Clear, 125ml (8oz)
G194– Wheaton Jar, Clear, 250ml (4oz)
G195– Wheaton Jar, Clear, 500ml (16oz)
G196– Wheaton Jar, Clear, 1L (32oz)

Various sized glass tubing G300– Glass Tubing Various Sizes