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General Supplies & PPE

Aluminum FoilGE002A– Aluminum Foil, 100'
GE003– Aluminum Foil, 250'

Beaker Mug GE004– Beaker Mug (Cash or Debit Only)

Baking Soda GE011– Baking soda 500g

Balloons GE012– Balloons, 10pkg

Bandaid GE014– Bandaids 

Solvent Bottle Carrier GE015– Rubber Solvent Bottle Carrier
GE016– Enclosed Solvent Bottle Carrier

Comet Cleanser GE025– Comet Cleanser

Cloth Wipes GE027– Cloth Wipes (like J-cloths)

A single Q-Tip GE028– Cotton Swabs (Q-Tips)

Cotton Balls GE029– Cotton Balls

Dish Bucket GE030– Dish Pan

Palmolive dishwashing liquid GE030A– Dishwashing Liquid

Duct Tape GE032– Duct Tape

Dust Mask GE035– Dust Mask

Electrical Tape GE041– Electrical Tape (Black)

Coloured Electrical Tape GE041A– Electrical Tape (Coloured)

Epoxy glue GE043– Epoxy Glue, 25ml
GE043B– Silicone Sealant Caulk Tube

Krazy Glue GE044– Krazy Glue

Assorted extension cords GE045– Extension Cord
GE045B– Extension Cord Med. Duty 3M

Tissue Box GE051– Facial Tissue

Fantastik Cleaner GE052– Fantastik Cleaner

Flame arrester GE055– Flame Arrester (Stainless)

Striker flints GE058– Flints for Striker

single flint striker GE058A– Single Flint Striker

Glass Cleaner GE061– Glass Cleaner

Glass Wool GE063– Glass Wool, Pyrex, 50g

Safety Goggles GE065– Goggles, Safety UVEX Brand

Safety Glasses GE067– Safety Glasses (Assorted)
GE067A– Safety Glasses Over Glasses

Safety Face Shield GE068– Safety Face Shield

Hydrogen Peroxide GE072– Hydrogen Peroxide 10 Vol 3% 450ml

Isopropyl alcohol GE073– Isopropyl Alcohol, 50% 450ml

sharps container GE080– Sharps Container 1 gallon
GE081– Sharps Container 10 gallon

latex gloves GE091– Gloves Powder-Free Latex Small
GE092– Gloves Powder-Free Latex Medium
GE093– Gloves Powder-Free Latex Large
GE094– Gloves Powder-Free Latex X-Large

Leather Work Golves GE117– Leather Work Gloves Large, Pair

Silver shield gloves GE118– Silver Shield Gloves, Pair

Liquid soap with pump GE119– Liquid Soap, Pump

Liquid Soap 1L GE119A– Liquid Soap Refill 1L

WD40 GE120– Lubricant, WD40

Nitrile Gloves GE134– Gloves Nitrile Green 7 to 7-1/2
GE135– Gloves Nitrile Green 8 to 8-1/2
GE136– Gloves Nitrile Green 9 to 9-1/2
GE136A– Gloves Nitrile Green 10 to10-1/2

Neoprene gloves GE137– Gloves Neoprene Medium
GE138– Gloves Neoprene Large
GE139– Gloves Neoprene X-Large

Nylon Ties GE140– Nylon Ties 18Ibs Tensile Strength 

Assorted parafin oils GE142– Oil, Paraffin, Light, 1L
GE143– Oil, Paraffin, Heavy, 1L
GE146– Oil, Silicone, 500ml

Ziploc bags GE152– Plastic Bags, Small 100/box
GE153A– Plastic Bags, Medium 20/box
GE154– Plastic Bags, Large

Plastic wrap GE155– Plastic Wrap

power bar GE156– Power Bar

Pump oil GE157– Pump Oil #19, 4L

Propane cylinder GE160– Propane Cylinder 400g

Rubber Gloves GE169– Rubber Gloves, Various Sizes

GE174– Foam Earplugs

Nylon scouring pad GE181– Scouring Pad, Nylon

Sparkleen Products GE183– Sparkleen Detergent #1 Manual Washing

Sponge GE185– Sponge, Cellulose Nylon

scrub pads GE187– Scrub Pads
GE188– Steel Wool

Teflon Tape GE191– Teflon Tape, 480"

Digital timer GE193– Timer, Digital

Kimwipes GE218– Waste Bag (Clear Plastic) 20" X 30"

KimwipesGE222– Wax Paper
GE225– Kim Wipes, Light-Duty 1ply
GE226– Wipes, Large, Brown
GE226A– Wipes, Large, White

kim wipes GE227– Kim Wipes 14 x 16"

GL201– Gloves Robust Nitrile, Small
GL202– Gloves Robust Nitrile, Medium
GL203– Gloves Robust Nitrile, Large
GL204– Gloves Robust Nitrile, XLarge

Nitrile Gloves

GL301– Gloves Nitrile Tuff, Small
GL302– Gloves Nitrile Tuff, Medium
GL303– Gloves Nitrile Tuff, Large
GL304– Gloves Nitrile Tuff, X-Large

Queens Pants GL500– XS, Queen's Logo Pants (Cash and Debit Only)
GL501– S, Queen's Logo Pants (Cash and Debit Only)
GL502– M, Queen's Logo Pants (Cash and Debit Only)
GL503– L, Queen's Logo Pants (Cash and Debit Only)
GL504– XL, Queen's Logo Pants (Cash and Debit Only)

Biodegraable Nitrile Gloves

GL601– Gloves Biodegradable Nitrile, Small
GL602– Gloves Biodegradable Nitrile, Medium
GL603– Gloves Biodegradable Nitrile, Large
GL604– Gloves Biodegradable Nitrile, XLarge

GL700– Gloves Nitrile Power Free, XSmall
GL701– Gloves Nitrile Power Free, Small
GL702– Gloves Nitrile Power Free, Medium
GL703– Gloves Nitrile Power Free, Large
GL704– Gloves Nitrile Power Free, XLarge

CV001– 3ply Mask w/ Earloops, 50/pk
CV002– Plastic Jugs with Cap, 4L
CV003– Surface Disinfectant, 1L
CV005– Squeeze Bottle, 500ml
CV006– Biopure Wipes, 30/pk
CV008– Spray Bottle, 750ml
CV011– Disposable Face Shield
CV012– Disinfectant Wipes,160/pk
CV013– 100% Cotton Reusable Face Mask
CV014– Flame Gard Reusable Face Mask