Jean-Michel Nunzi

Jean-Michel Nunzi

Full Professor

Chiral Photonics

Department of Chemistry

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Chernoff Hall, CHE310 (office), CHE333 (lab)
Department of Chemistry
90 Bader Lane
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6
Lab CHE333 Tel: 613-533-6000  ext. 74061

Research Interest

Photonics for Life

The multiscale investigation of the optical and electronic properties of organic  and nanostructured materials reveals new features that find ground breaking applications into efficient large area plastic solar cells, low consumption light emitting devices and self organising neuronal processors.

• We investigate direct conversion of light energy into electricity from arrays of nano-antennas
• We develop photovoltaic solar cells incorporating semiconducting polymers coupled to carbon nanotubes and metal oxides nano-particles
• We develop  light emitting structures using functionalised metal nano-particles
• We develop self-organising photo-chromic materials and nanomotors