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Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and GreenCentre Canada develop hand sanitizer to help local hospitals

Photo: Top photo from Gazette article, bottom two photos showing post-doc working and end productThe Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering along with the GreenCentre Canada are in the process of making hand sanitizer to help local hospitals. In the Queen's Gazette article, Dr. Richard Oleschuk, Head, Department of Chemistry says "our health care professionals have enough to worry about at the moment and should not have to be concerned about rationing hand sanitizer as we try to ‘flatten the curve’. We know that we are not going to be in the long-term business of supplying hand sanitizer, as eventually supply will be brought online to meet demand. However, we felt that our interdisciplinary team had the skill set and infrastructure to make a difference in the short term.” There are three sites being used (two at the university and one at GreenCentre Canada) to make 300 litres of product per week to help meet the needs of Kingston hospitals. The project was also featured in the Kingston Whig Standard.