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Dr. Cathleen Crudden is one of the recipients of the 2017 Queen’s Prize for Excellence in Research!

Dr. Cathleen CruddenDr. Cathleen Crudden is the most recent professor in a long line of accomplished chemistry faculty who have won this award in the past: 2015 Guojun Liu; 2011 Victor Snieckus; 2010 Philip Jessop; 2007 Suning Wang; 2006 Stan Brown; 1999 Axel Becke; 1998 Michael Baird; 1997 Almeria Natansohn; etc.




Prof. Richard Schrock (MIT) presents the inaugural Baird Lecture

Collage photo of the inaugural Baird LectureThe inaugural Baird Lecture was given on September 28th, 2017 by Prof. Richard Schrock (MIT) who presented a historical overview of the different discoveries related to the olefin metathesis reaction. Of course, Dr. Schrock’s own contributions were ultimately recognized with the 2005 Nobel Prize in chemistry. Prof. Schrock also showed highlights of his more recent work.




Congratulations to Dr. Richard Oleschuk whose research was featured in the Queen's Alumni Review

A drop of water sits on a superhydrophobic surface.This photo by Timothy Hutama, a master’s student in the Oleschuk lab in the Department of Chemistry, received honourable mention in the Queen’s 2016 Art of Research photo contest.Congratulations to Dr. Richard Oleschuk whose research was featured in the Queen's Alumni Review! Dr. Oleschuk's curiosity about water rolling off a Colocasia plant inspired further investigation, which led to the development of laser-patterned microfluidic chips. These microfluidic chips have different wetting properties that could be used to perform on-the-spot diagnostic tests for plant viruses and bacteria, water quality, or infections and other diseases in humans. Read more on the Queen's Alumni Review website.




Congratulations to Dr. Suning Wang for winning the Queen's University 2017 Award for Excellence in Graduate Student supervision.

Dr. Suning Wang & StudentsThis award recognizes Dr. Wang’s achievements as a researcher and mentor of graduate students. The nomination was prepared by present and former students who shared compelling anecdotes about the outstanding education they received while working in Dr. Wang’s group.



Chemistry welcomes Ben Geiger our new Instrumentation Technologist

Ben GeigerWe are pleased to announce that Ben Geiger has joined the Department of Chemistry as our Instrumentation Technologist. Ben has extensive technical skills working with and repairing robotics, electronics, sensory systems, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.  Additionally, he has a strong IT background with innovation and process improvement experience.  Needless to say, Ben brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic insight into supporting and maintaining our teaching and research instrumentation.