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Chemistry welcomes Ben Geiger our new Instrumentation Technologist

Ben GeigerWe are pleased to announce that Ben Geiger has joined the Department of Chemistry as our Instrumentation Technologist. Ben has extensive technical skills working with and repairing robotics, electronics, sensory systems, pneumatic and hydraulic systems.  Additionally, he has a strong IT background with innovation and process improvement experience.  Needless to say, Ben brings a wealth of experience and a dynamic insight into supporting and maintaining our teaching and research instrumentation.



Congratulations to Dr. Snieckus on being named the 2017 Yoshida Lecturer!

Dr. Victor SnieckusDr. Victor Snieckus has been named the 2017 Yoshida Lecturer in recognition of his accomplishments in organic chemistry.  He will present lectures at Osaka and Kyoto Universities and participate in the Nordic/Japan Symposium during the June 20-25, 2017 period. For more information on Organic Chemistry for Humankind please the IOCF website.



A former PhD student from the Liu group has been awarded a highly prestigious title!

Dr. Xiaoyu Li, a former Ph.D. student of the Liu group, has been awarded a thousand-young-talents position by the Chinese government. With this highly prestigious title, he will now join the Beijing Institute of Technology as a faculty member. After receiving a Ph.D. degree at Queen's, he has worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Bristol, England, and then RIKEN, Japan.