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Congratulations to Dr. Snieckus on being named the 2017 Yoshida Lecturer!

Dr. Victor SnieckusDr. Victor Snieckus has been named the 2017 Yoshida Lecturer in recognition of his accomplishments in organic chemistry.  He will present lectures at Osaka and Kyoto Universities and participate in the Nordic/Japan Symposium during the June 20-25, 2017 period. For more information on Organic Chemistry for Humankind please the IOCF website.



A former PhD student from the Liu group has been awarded a highly prestigious title!

Dr. Xiaoyu Li, a former Ph.D. student of the Liu group, has been awarded a thousand-young-talents position by the Chinese government. With this highly prestigious title, he will now join the Beijing Institute of Technology as a faculty member. After receiving a Ph.D. degree at Queen's, he has worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Bristol, England, and then RIKEN, Japan.


Robin Roberts of the Department of Chemistry is retiring as of June 30, 2017

Robin RobertsRobin joined the Department of Chemistry in 1980.  Over the years, he has continuously worked to keep our instrumentation running smoothly.  His dedication to fixing all equipment (both large and small); supporting the NMR and Surface Analysis instrumentation, among our other teaching and research facilities have been instrumental to the ongoing success of our department and will always be remembered.  Robin is looking forward to spending time traveling over the next year, golfing, fishing, and drumming with his band!



Congratulations to the newest Canada Research Chair in Chemistry, Dr. Cathleen Crudden!

The Crudden Group

The announcement came recently that Dr. Crudden has been awarded a Tier 1 Chair. She is the only new appointee at Queen’s this round, and joins colleagues Drs. P. Andrew Evans, Philip Jessop, Guojun Liu, Jean-Michel Nunzi and Tucker Carrington, other Chairholders in the Chemistry department.

Dr. Crudden’s research involves investigating the interaction of organic compounds with metals in the synthesis of novel materials and for the development of highly active catalysts. Controlling the interaction between organic and metal species is important in the development of new catalysts that are useful in the production of pharmaceuticals and in state-of-the-art biosensing applications where metals must interface with organics. Building on work from her catalyst development, Dr. Crudden has shown that carbon to metal bonds can be significantly more stable than originally believed. Through the Canada Research Chairship, her group will investigate the implications of these novel strong linkages for the preparation of novel biosensors, microelectronics and catalysts. Work will focus on films that are 100,000 times thinner than the human hair and on nanoscopically ordered particles featuring bonds between metal clusters and organic ligands.




Dr. Jean-Michel Nunzi is the recipient of the Visiting Scientist Award. Congratulations!

Jean-Michel Nunzi receiving the visiting scientist award

Jean-Michel Nunzi received the Visiting Scientist Award of the Chinese academy of Sciences under the CAS President’s Fellowship Initiative for 2017. Research on Nonlinear Nanophotonic Devices will take place at the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.




Professors Crudden, Jessop, Loock and Wu have articles featured in the Royal Society of Chemistry special issue in honour of the 100th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition

The Royal Society of Chemistry has put together a special issue of the best of Canadian chemistry, in honour of the 100th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition. Articles from Professors Crudden, Loock, Wu, and Jessop are included.