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Endowed Lectureship in honour of Dr. Stan Brown

Dr. Stan BrownWe are pleased to announce that we have established and endowed a lecture series in Dr. Stan Brown's honour. Stan Brown has been a colleague, mentor and friend to faculty, staff and students at Queen’s University for many years. Stan is an outstanding researcher with over 180 peer-reviewed publications and ten patents. His ground-breaking work in physical-organic chemistry work was recognized with numerous scientific awards, the Killam Research Fellowship (2004), and the Fellowships of the Chemical Institute of Canada (1991), the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (2008), and the Royal Society of Canada (2009). Please join us by giving back to future generations by honouring Stan Brown in the Department of Chemistry at Queen's. The first $25,000 of support that is donated by alumni and friends will be matched dollar for dollar. Please visit the Give to Queen's page to donate today.


A recent Perspective by P. Andrew Evans and Ben W. H. Turnbull was featured on the cover of The Journal of Organic Chemistry

Perspective by Ben W. H. Turnbull and P. Andrew EvansA recent Perspective by Ben W. H. Turnbull and P. Andrew Evans (J. Org. Chem. 2018, 83, 11463−11479) was featured on the cover to highlight the impact of the groups work on the development of the asymmetric rhodium-catalyzed allylic substitution reactions. The background picture signifies two enantiomers from the reflection in the ocean and the lighthouse emulates the impact of how knowledge guides the way forward in science. To view the article, please visit the ACS website.


Queen’s Chemistry Innovation Council returns to the Department

QCIC Event

Many members of our QCIC came to Queen’s on Sept 5th-6th to participate in career coaching for senior students, and hold a day-long meeting with departmental representatives on the state and future of the chemistry department. The QCIC was founded in 2001 as an advisory board to our chemistry department. Consisting mostly of alumni who have, since their graduation, progressed into positions of influence, the QCIC has been supporting our department in countless ways – some deliver courses, others coach graduate students, or make substantial donations. In the most recent meeting, the QCIC decided that they would provide an information session on intellectual property and patenting to graduate students and faculty. Also the possibility of industrial internships for graduate students was discussed. The social program such as the Teaching Assistant awards presentation, the reception and dinner gives students, faculty and QCIC members an informal way to build relationships. This year, the dinner was held in the phenomenal Isabel Bader Centre for Performing Arts. The after-dinner speech by Josephine Tsang (Ph.D. 2016) was introduced by a fanfare of 4 trombones and was the highpoint of a classy and fun evening.

QCIC Event at the Bader Centre


Dr. Crudden won the 2019 Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award, Congratulations!

Dr. Cathleen CruddenCongratulations to Dr. Cathleen Crudden on winning the 2019 Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award! This national ACS award is given “to recognize and encourage excellence in organic chemistry.” The recognition of Cathy’s contributions is especially remarkable because non-Americans typically don’t receive this award. Another recent exception was Andrew Evans winning this award in 2017 as one of the first Canadians in the 32-year history of the award. Also, in 2001 Victor Snieckus was the second Canadian Arthur C. Cope Scholar (after Keith Ingold, 1992). Read more on the Queen's Gazette.


Introducing Dr. Zhe She to the Department of Chemistry

Dr. Zhe She

We would like to welcome Assistant Professor, Dr. Zhe She to the Department of Chemistry. Dr. She carried out his postdoctoral research work at the University of Toronto, where he was a research associate and Calian contractor jointly with Royal Military College of Canada, in developing new portable analytical tools for pathogen detection in water samples. The She Lab will focus on developing new analytical methods for environmental monitoring and clinical diagnostics, and providing cross-disciplinary teaching opportunities for students and postdoctoral fellows to study nanotechnology, biosensors, chemistry and instrumentations.


Congratulations to Derek Esau, PhD student in the Jerkiewicz Group

Congratulations to Derek Esau of the Jerkiewicz Research Group on winning the Second Prize in the Best Poster Presentation Competition at the International Symposium on Electrocatalysis 2018 in Szczyrk, Poland. Derek deliver a presentation entitled “Influence of Scan Rate and Temperature Variation on Rhodium Spherical Single Crystal Electrodes in Aqueous Acidic Media”.


Introducing Dr. Chantelle J. Capicciotti to the Department of Chemistry

Chantelle CapicciottiWe would like to welcome Dr. Chantelle J. Capicciotti to the Department. Dr. Capicciotti joins the Departments of Chemistry, Biomedical and Molecular Sciences and Surgery in July 2018 as a Queen’s National Scholar in Precision Molecular Medicine. Her areas of teaching are in organic chemistry, biochemistry, and chemical biology with specialization in carbohydrate chemistry and glycobiology. Her research interests are in the field of glycobiology focusing on understanding how glycans/glycoproteins interact with proteins on a cellular level to elicit biological responses, as well as on developing glycan-based approaches for biomarker identification, disease diagnosis, imaging techniques, and cell-based therapies.


Congratulations to Morgan Lehtinen on receiving the Best Presentation/Paper at the 256th ACS Conference

Morgan Lehtinen

Morgan Lehtinen, PhD Student in the Liu Group, was awarded the “Best Presentation/Paper” in the Colloidal and Interfacial Science in Separation Mechanisms Division presented by ACS publication’s Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research at the 256th American Chemical Society Conference in Boston, MA. Congratulations!