We invite you to give generously to The Department of Chemistry. The Department relies on the support of our alumni and friends in order to provide an exceptional educational and research experience to our students.

The Chemistry Department has made impressive strides in the past decade.  The department now includes five senior Canada Research Chairs and the Bader Chair in organic chemistry.  Many of our faculty and students have been recognized for their achievements. Our graduate enrolment has grown to over one hundred students, and each year, several thousand undergraduates attend our lectures and conduct experiments in our labs.  So, in a nutshell, the Queen's Chemistry Department is a vibrant, exciting place.

Despite this progress, important challenges remain.  These include an ongoing need to maintain our innovative undergraduate programs with state-of-the-art lab equipment, to recognize outstanding student achievement, to offer and to support groundbreaking research with major instrumentation, and to foster innovation and informed research through a high quality seminar program.  In order to address these, and other, challenges we rely on the support of our alumni and friends.

We have identified 5 key areas where support is most pressing.  Your donation - in any amount - is greatly appreciated!  Your contributions make a big difference!


The Chemistry Gift Fund support academic and research priorities, outreach activities and other initiatives in the Chemistry department. These initiatives may include urgent repair of teaching or research equipment special awards in recognition of outstanding student teaching or research outreach, alumni, Advancement and communication activities.

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Research and Teaching Equipment

Access to specialized equipment is indispensable for modern chemical teaching and research. Each year, our departmental instrumentation supports the development of practical laboratory skills for over 2000 undergraduates, the research goals of over 100 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and provides research support to the Chemistry faculty and to the broader research community. Please support the Chemistry Teaching and Research Equipment Fund and ensure continued access to state-of-the-art research and teaching instrumentation in the Department of Chemistry.

The Seminar Series

Seminars are a key conduit for the flow of fresh ideas into our Department and are a central component of our graduate program. Each year the department invites 20+ outstanding national and international speakers from academia, government, and industry. Your donation to the Chemistry Research Seminar Fund ensures that we can continue to attract such speakers for our seminar program.

Graduate Student Support

The Chemistry Graduate Gift Fund provides support for graduate student research in the Chemistry department with, for example, thesis awardsresearch awards, and travel awards in support of graduate student achievements, and attendance at national and international conferences.

Undergraduate Student Support

The Chemistry Undergraduate Gift Fund supports research by undergraduate students. Your donation allows undergraduate students to undertake summer research in the Department and to travel to conferences and present their work, broaden their scientific knowledge and meet other researchers.

Thank you for your support!  We commit to allocating all of the donated funds according to the relevant Fund Terms of Reference and to making the most of your gift.

If you would like additional information, or to learn about other ways to support the Chemistry Department contact
  • Laura Cybulski, Administrative and Advancement Coordinator, Department of Chemistry at 613-533-2624 or adm@chem.queensu.ca
  • Richard Oleschuk, Head of the Chemistry Department at 613-533-6704 or depthead@chem.queensu.ca

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