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Chemical Items

Sulphuric Acid being poured into a beaker CH001– Acetic acid
CH002– Ammomium hydroxide
CH003– Hydrochloric acid
CH005– Nitric acid
CH006– o-Phosphoric acid
CH007– Sulfuric acid

Bottles of Acetone, Methanol, and 2-Propanol CH102– Acetone, HPLC
CH103– Acetone
CH107– Acetonitrile, HPLC
CH109– Alcohol, HPLC
CH112– Dioxane, 99+%
CH121– Chloroform
CH133– Dimethyl sulfoxide
CH137– Diethyl ether
CH140– Ethanol absolute
CH141– Ethanol 95%
CH147– Ethyl Acetate
CH148– Ethyl Acetate HPLC
CH152– Hexanes, HPLC
CH157– Hexanes
CH162– 2-Propanol
CH163– Isopropanol, HPLC
CH172– Methanol
CH173– Methanol, HPLC
CH175– Methylene chloride
CH178– Methylene chloride, HPLC
CH179– Pentane
CH180– Petroleum ether
CH189– Toluene
CH193– THF

Small bottles of chemicals CH201– Acetone-d6
CH205– Acetonitrile-d3
CH210– Benzene-d6
CH221– Chloroform-d
CH230– Deuterium oxide
CH235– Dimethyl sulfoxide-d6
CH241– Methanol-d4
CH245– Methylene chloride-d2
CH250– Toluene-d8

Cartoon Bleach Container CH301– Bleach

Bottles of Sodium Silicate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium SulfateCH305– Sodium chloride
CH310– Sodium Sulfate
CH311– Magnesium Sulfate
CH313- Sand Sea 500g

Bottles of Drisolve Ether, Methanol, and Tetrahydrofuran CH401– Drisolve Dichloromethane
CH402– Drisolve n,n-Dimethylformamide
CH403– Drisolve Methanol
CH404– Drisove Methylsulfoxide
CH405– DrisoveTetrahydrofuran
CH407– Drisolve Ether
CH408– Drisolve Acetonitrile
CH409– Drisolve Toluene