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Chemistry Science Stores

Location and Hours

Chernoff Hall Rm 109
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM; 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Monday to Friday

Now accepting Interac payment.

Front Counter of The Science Stores

Chemistry Science Stores has implemented several different purchasing options. You can reference the Science Stores User Guide for more details. 

If you would like an account with Science Stores, please fill out the New Customer Form to get started. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Stores during business hours Monday to Friday at 613-533-2608 or

Type of Service


Schedule Appointment

Appointment for
In-Person Shopping at Stores

Pre-ordering not required. Please follow all procedures when arriving at Stores for your appointment.

See the Stores User Guide linked below for more details.

If you have a large order, please inquire about available stock by emailing order.desk

Schedule your appointment here to shop in Stores

Online Stores Order Pick Up (including Large Chemical Orders)

No longer available. Please use the In-Person Shopping option above.

Stores Product Inventory

No longer available. Please use the In-Person Shopping option above.

Special Orders

(for Chemistry Department ONLY)

Please use the correct ordering link below to place your “Special Order” with Stores

Watch for the “Special Order/Mail Pickup” email with the link to schedule a time to pick up your order

Dry Ice (ICE003) and Small Liquid Nitrogen Dewars (ICE002)

If requiring 5kg or more
of Dry Ice, please email order.desk before scheduling an appointment

Schedule your appointment for Dry Ice/Liquid Nitrogen in Stores

Cylinder Collection
and Drop Off

Please place cylinder order
with the Stores ordering form

You will be emailed when your cylinder(s) are delivered.

When in the cylinder room, continue to follow all Public Health guidelines including mask wearing and distancing.

Shipping Samples
via FedEx
(for Chemistry Department ONLY)

Enter your shipping details
using this form

Schedule your appointment to drop off the sample(s) to be shipped 

Course Supplies
In-Store purchasing using Interac (preferred) or cash. Credit cards not accepted at this time. Appointments are not required at this time. Continue to follow all Public Health guidelines including mask wearing and distancing.



Contact Information

Kim Mackinder

Kim Mackinder
Operations Assistant, Stores & Cryogenics
Phone: 613-533-2608
Fax: 613-533-6669



  • Purchaser is responsible to adhere to all TDG regulations. TDG Guidelines and training.
  • Only Chemicals and Solvents will be delivered by EH&S (Delivery can take 2 -3 business days).  All other items must be picked up at Chernoff RM109.
  • Liquid Nitrogen is available at Chernoff Hall RM114.  Purchaser is responsible for adhering to all TDG Regulations.
  • Dry Ice Pellets are available at Chernoff Hall RM109.  If you require more than 5kg, please call in advance to ensure that it is in stock.
  • You need a Queen's Account Code or Debit Card to purchase items.