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News Archive - 2015

Congratulations to M.Sc. student Zijie Wang of Dr. Guojun Liu’s group!

Zijie Wang with Dr. Guojun LiuUnder the lab supervision of Ph.D. student Yu Wang, Zijie has functionalized cotton fabrics so that they can separate oil from oil-in-water emulsion rapidly and cleanly.  This task was achieved at the fabric pore sizes of 200 µm despite the emulsion droplet sizes of 4 µm.  His results have been just published in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. and a patent has also been filed on this technology.



A recent Organometallics publication by Mike Baird and Alex Dunlop-Brière to be featured as an ACS Editor's Choice.

Dr. Michael BairdAlex DunlopA recent Organometallics publication by Mike Baird and Alex Dunlop-Brière, “[Cp2TiCH2CH2(SiEt2CHMe2)]+, an alkyl-titanocene(IV) complex containing an unconventional TiC(b)-Si mode of bonding” (DOI: 10.1021/acs.organomet.5b00675), has also been selected, based on recommendations by the journals' Editors, to be featured as an ACS Editors' Choice. Under ACS Editors' Choice, articles are sponsored for immediate open access by ACS due to its potential for broad public interest, an honor given to one article each day of the year.



Chemistry Department Events at Science Rendezvous

Science Rendezvous PhotoScience Rendezvous, at the K-Rock Centre from 10 am to 3 pm on Saturday May 9th, will feature three Magic Shows, tables of experiments, and a laser demonstration, courtesy of many members of the Department of Chemistry.  The Magic Shows at 10:30, 12:30 and 2:15 will be 30 minutes of exciting chemistry demonstrations presented by Tamara deWinter, Christene Smith, Michael MacLean, Josh Clarke, Edi Cieplechowicz, Mina Narouz, Michael Jessop, David Jessop, and Dr. Jessop.  At the tables, there will be hands-on experiments that visitors can try including copper plating with pennies to demonstrate redox chemistry, making silly putty with glue and borax to show how polymers cross-link, and blowing giant bubbles outside to demonstrate surfactants. Lily Huang and Gillian Mackey are co-organizing these activities. Our volunteers at the tables are Lili Mats, Kyle Bachus, Ryan Yuan, Jason Rygus, Katie Flynn, Tia Anderlini, Lucas Choma, Nausheen Sadiq, and Meghan McIlwain. Dr. Loock's group will set up a hands-on laser and optics demonstration. John Saunders, Nic Andrews, Amy Maclean, Sean Chen, Sogol Borjian, Annica Freytag, Rachel Ross, and Connor Sanders are looking forward to show a “stealth monitor”, a 3D webcam, and a laser pointer that ignites matches!




Alumni Anton Toutov is highlighted in the Kingston Whig Standard

Queen's alumni, Anton Toutov's is highlighted in the Kingston Whig Standard and his highlighted in the below video.

Kingston Whig Standard

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The Launch System Challenge

The LAUNCH System Challenge, sponsored by NASA, USAID, and the US Dept of State, has announced the 2015 winning innovators. They include Forward Water Technologies, the spin-off from Queen's that has a low energy process for recovering fresh wastewater. This technology was developed in the lab of Dr. Jessop with advice from Dr. Stephen Brown.

New Reaction Discovered

Michael Dalziel and Suneel Singh in the Snieckus labMichael Dalziel (MSc student cosupervision Evans-Snieckus) and Suneel Singh (postdoc) in the Snieckus laboratories have discovered a reaction that is effectively a molecular dance which allows a jump of a group from one position of the molecule to another. The reason for the excitement? For the group, because it is a new reaction; in practical terms, it will give pharmaceutical industry chemists a tool which will make life easier to make molecules of interest in drug discovery programs more efficiently and faster.