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News Archive - 2011

Dr. Philip Jessop

December 2011$3.2 million investment in Switchable Solutions Inc.

Industry investors and venture capitalists have invested $3.2 million in Switchable Solutions Inc. The technology that formed the basis of this company was discovered by Philip Jessop, Department of Chemistry Queen's University.
Queen's News Centre's "PARTEQ-founded centre stimulates $3.2 million investment in breakthrough Queen’s technology" article
NSERC Presents 2 Minutes with Philip Jessop

Photonic Innovation Panel

Photonic innovation will materialize “a society where individuals interact with each other”.

Jean-Michel Nunzi and 30 researchers representing the world of photonic polymers met at the 1st International Conference on Advanced Photonic Polymers 2011 held in Yokohama this December. Unifying desire was to share experience from the great disaster of March 11, 2011 in order to find out how photonics polymers will contribute to Japan’s recovery.

Dr. Snieckus

2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Symposium for Richard Heck

Victor Snieckus presented a lecture in honour of Richard Heck at the University of Delaware on May 26th, 2011. Among those honouring Professor Heck for his discovery of a reaction which is a household name in chemical laboratories and is used for the production of many medicinal agents, was Ei-ichi Negishi, co-Nobel Laureate with Heck and Akira Suzuki. Aside from first noting that Heck carried out research for several months in his laboratories in 2005/06, Snieckus offered a laudatio by highlighting aspects of the Heck legacy in organic chemistry and the described current work in his laboratories aimed at discovery and development of synthetic organometallic chemistry related to the directed ortho metalation reaction which has had significant impact on commercial production of drugs and agrochemicals such as CelebrexTM (anti-inflammatory) and SilthiofamTM (fungicide used worldwide for eradication of a fungus destroying grain crops)

Dr. Wang and Reseach Member

Dr. Suning Wang's research has been awarded a $460,000 NSERC Strategic research grant

Suning Wang's research on phosphorescent materials for OLEDs has got a major boost from NSERC. She has been awarded a $460,000 NSERC Strategic research grant. Her group will carry out this research in collaboration with Professor Z. H. Lu at the Materials Science and Engineering Department, University of Toronto

Multi-Nanoelectrospray Interface

Applied Research and Commercialization Initiative

The Applied Research and Commercialization Initiative is designed to bridge the gap between research and commercialization between Ontario’s post-secondary academic institutions and small- and medium-sized enterprises.
Through this initiative, Dr. Richard Oleschuk, his research team and AB SCIEX have partnered to develop a multi-nanoelectrospray interface based upon microstructured optical fibre technology (at right). AB/SCIEX is a global leader in the field of scientific instrumentation with its primary strength in mass spectrometry and its application to life science research. AB/Sciex recognizes the particular research strengths of Queen’s in the area of microfluidics. Advancements in this area promise to have particular application in life science research. More information is available on the AB SCIEX Website

Photonic Guitar

"Photonic guitar" developed in Loock 's Group to be on exhibit at the Canada Science and Technology Museum

The “photonic guitar” developed in the Loock Group, will be on exhibit at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa from October 20th, 2011 until April 2012. The guitar uses a fiber-optic vibration sensor as a “photonic pickup”. Dr. Peter Loock will give a short presentation to the Minister of Industry and the Minister of State (Science and Technology) at the opening ceremony.
Queen's News Centre's "Turning light into sound" article

Dr. Jerkiewicz

Dr. Gregory Jerkiewicz is awarded the R. C. Jacobsen Award of the Canadian Section of the Electrochemical Society

Dr. Gregory Jerkiewicz is the recipient of the R. C. Jacobsen Award of the Canadian Section, the Electrochemical Society. The Award recognizes his valuable services to the Society, not only as a member of its Executive Committee for thirteen years, but also his leadership and initiatives that have allowed the Society to grow and prosper in Canada. Dr. Jerkiewicz is the seventh recipient of the Award since its creation in 1986.

Dr. hesp and 2 summer students in Peru

Professor Hesp and two of his summer students were invited to present their cutting edge research at the XIII Congreso Nacional del Asfalto in Lima, Peru

The Incas constructed roads more than 600 years ago that survive in relatively good shape today. Unfortunately, the same longevity is missing from modern roads in Peru and Canada alike. Peru is rapidly upgrading its infrastructure and faces many of the same challenges that Canadian user agencies experience (premature rutting and cracking due to temperature extremes). Professor Hesp and two of his summer students were invited to present their cutting edge research on pavement cracking at the XIII Congreso Nacional del Asfalto in Lima, Peru. Jennifer Erskine (second year Engineering Physics) presented in Spanish an Eight Year Performance Overview of a Northern Ontario Pavement Trial while George Warburton (second year Mechanical) spoke with the assistance of a translator about Double-Edge-Notched Tension Testing of Asphalt Cements. The above picture is Jennifer Erskine (left), Prof. Hesp (middle) and George Warburton (right) inspecting some local Peruvian roads.

Dr. Guojun

Dr. Guojun Liu is renewed as a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair

Congratulations to Dr. Guojun Liu on the renewal of his Tier 1 Natural Sciences and Engineering Canada Research Chair in Materials in the Department of Chemistry.

Dr. Sniekcus

Dr. Victor Snieckus is awarded the 2011 Queen's Prize for Excellence in Research

Victor Snieckus is an eminent and internationally recognized organic chemist whose research has an exceptional impact on the fields of organic and organometallic chemistry.
Congratulations to Victor on receiving the 2011 Queen's Prize for Excellence in Research, the highest honour given by Queen's University to recognize the research excellence of its faculty.

Dr. Jessop

Dr. Philip Jessop presents a lecture to MP's and Senators in Ottawa

Philip Jessop was invited to Ottawa to present a lecture on "Switching to Green Chemistry" to MP's and Senators.

Tomohiro Seki

Tomohiro Seki is Awarded The Duncan and Urlla Carmichael Fellowship valued at $10,000.

Tomohiro Seki of the Crudden Group has been awarded The Duncan and Urlla Carmichael Fellowship valued at $10,000. The fellowship was estabilished from the estate of Urlla Eillene Carmichael and is awarded to a masters and doctoral students in any field who have first class standing.

Dr. Jerkiewicz

Dr. Gregory Jerkiewicz is Awarded a Second Research Grant from Nissan Motor Company

Dr. Gregory Jerkiewicz has been awarded a $75,000/year research grant from the Nissan Motor Company to work on a project entitled “Investigation of Catalyst Degradation Mechanisms Under Simulated PEMFC Automotive Conditions: Contribution Towards Enhanced Durability, Extended Lifetime and Reduced Cost of PEMFC Stacks”. The grant is the second step in a long-term collaborative effort between the Nissan Fuel Cell Laboratory and Dr. Jerkiewicz’s Surface and Materials Electrochemistry, and Electrocatalysis Laboratory.

Dr. Crudden

Professor Cathy Crudden and her group are highlighted in Queen's University News Centre

Dr. Cathy Crudden along with Eric Keske and Dr. Olena Zenkina's research with modified medals could influence the production of air quality sensors.
Queen's News Centre's "Researchers Make Colourful Discovery

Professor Zechel and Colleagues

Professor David Zechel and colleagues are featured in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA.

David Zechel along with visiting professor Bjarne Hove-Jensen and Ph.D. student Fern R. McSorely will be featured in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA. The group has characterized a protein complex which is involved in the catabolism of phosphonic acids.

Dr. Jerkiewicz

Dr. Gregory Jerkiewicz discovers new process for colouring titanium

Gregory Jerkiewicz has discovered a new electrochemical method that is cost-effective to colour titanium."Tapping titanium's colourful potential" article.

Dr. Wang

Dr. Suning Wang Associate Editor for RSC Advances

Suning Wang has been appointed the Associate Editor dealing with inorganic and materials chemistry manuscripts.RSC Welcomes Professor Suning Wang

Dr. Jessop

Dr. Philip Jessop's green solvent technology to be used by Switchable Solutions Inc.

A new company based in Mississauga, Switchable Solutions Inc. will use the "green" technology discovered by Philip Jessop of the Department of Chemistry.Queen's News Centre's "Green chemistry discovery fuels new plastics recycling company" article.National Post's "Canadian plant tests better way to recycle plastic" article

Dr. Jerkiewicz

Dr. Gregory Jerkiewicz is featured in Queen's News Centre

Gregory Jerkiewicz and his research team have found answers to questions about platinum's catalytic properties.Queen's News Centre's "Finding answers century-old questions about platinum's catalytic properties" article

Dr. Stephen Brown

Dr. Stephen Brown will be highlighted at the American Water Works Association's Annual Conference

A system to detect microbes such as E. coli in water developed by Dr. Stephen Brown and his team is being highlighted at the American Water Works Association's Annual Conference and Exposition June 12-16 in Washington, D.C.Queen's News Centre's "Queen's breakthrough E. coli monitoring technology showcased by global water sensor company" article

Dr. Beauchemin

Dr. Diane Beauchemin is highlighted at the 2011 Pittcon Tradeshow in Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Beauchemin's interview was conducted by Meg Evans, the Managing Editor of LCGC & Spectroscopy Magazines. The interview focused on Dr. Beauchemin's research on simple means to increase the robustness of inductively coupled plasma spectrometries (i.e. both optical emission spectrometry and mass spectrometry) to enable a simple external calibration (with standard solutions) for the accurate analysis of a variety of sample types (food, soil, natural waters, sediments, etc.). Time-consuming calibration strategies (such as standard addition or isotope dilution) are then unnecessary.Pittcon Interview with Dr. Diane Beauchemin

Dr. Guojun Liu

Dr. Guojun Liu is the 2011 recipient of the Captain Alfred E. Hunt Memorial Award

The Captain Alfred E. Hunt medal is awarded to the Society of Tribologist and Lubrication Engineers member authoring the best paper published during the proceeding year in a Society publication. The award is being presented for Dr. Liu's paper titled "Friction Reduction of Lubricant base Oil by Micelles and Crosslinked Micelles of Block Copolymers".
Guojun's award is featured in the Queen's News Centre's "Professor uses nanotechnology to prolong machine and engine life" article as well as in "Nanoparticles will reduce car engine wear and tear" on the Popular Science website.

Dr. Crudden

Dr. Cathy Crudden is awarded the 2011 Clara Benson Award

Cathy Crudden is the recipient of the 2011 Clara Benson Award, which is presented annually to a woman who has made distinguished contributions to chemistry while working in Canada.

Dr. Jessop

Dr. Philip Jessop to be highlighted on Discovery Channel

Philip Jessop will be highlighted on Discovery Channel's Daily Planet this Thursday Feb. 10. The science program will demonstrate how Dr. Jessop's "switchable" solvents work. The show airs from 7-8 pm and again at 11 pm on the Discovery Channel.
CBC's "Field of research gains credence in face of growing environmental concerns" article.

Dr. Suning Wang

Dr. Suning Wang has developed new oxygen sensor technology

Dr. Suning Wang has received $35,000 to test "Smart” materials with the potential to detect the presence of oxygen in packages containing oxygen-sensitive products, and to block ultraviolet light through smart windows.

Zach Hudson

Zach Hudson is awarded the 2011 Ludo Frevel Crystallography Scholarship

Congratulation to Zac Hudson from the Wang Group, he was awarded the 2011 Ludo Frevel Crystallography Scholarship Award of the International Center for diffraction data.

Paul Langlois and Peter Loock with the Photonic

Dr. Peter Loock's "Photonic Guitar" is highlighted by the Discovery Channel

Peter Loock, Bithun Sarkar (Eng. Chem. 2011) and Tragically Hip guitarist Paul Langlois demonstrate the “Photonic Guitar” in a 5 min clip shown by the Discovery Channel. Paul plays a custom-built acoustic guitar made by Dagmar Guitars (luthier: Pete Swanson), The “Photonic Guitar” is interrogated with laser light and is equipped with 7 fiber-optic sensors which act as pick-ups for the vibrations of the guitar body. Video of the Discovery Channel Segment (MOV, 91 MB)

Dr. Gang Wu

Dr. Gang Wu's work highlighted as "News of the Week" in C&EN

Dr. Wu and his team were profiled in an article published in the latest issue of the Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN, January 3, 2011) for their groundbreaking work on 17O NMR spectroscopy of protein complexes. Chemical and Engineering News