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News Archive - 2009

Chemistry faculty's research goes global;

Representative of Pathogen Detective System at the Podium

Representatives of Pathogen Detection Systems (PDS) Inc. and its parent company, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (VWS) of Paris, France, joined government officials and co-hosts PARTEQ and the Kingston Economic Development Corporation in celebrating the transformation of PDS from a university-driven technology transfer initiative into an international, multi-faceted partnership.  Pathogen Detection Systems is a PARTEQ spinoff company founded in 2003 to commercialize a novel fibre optic sensory technology developed by Stephen Brown in the Chemistry Department to detect E. coli and other pathogens in drinking water. Visit Parteq Innovations for more information.
Photo by: Matthew Lloyd David McBain, Director of Industrial Marketing at Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies

Queen's Department of Chemistry ranked in the top 100 by World Universities

Queen's Chemistry is ranked in the top 100 chemistry departments worldwide by Academic Rankings of World Universities in 2009. Queen's Chemistry is only one of 5 Canadian departments in the top 100.

Professor Nick Mosey received the prestigious John Charles Polanyi Prize for 2009

Professor Nick Mosey

Dr. Mosey receives the John Charles Polanyi Prize of $20,000 toward his discovery that will revolutionize the production of motor oil as he uses chemical simulation to study industrial systems, processes and phenomena. Dr. Mosey and his team's research should help the automobile and lubricant industries in their efforts to design new oil additives that will prevent wear in engines with less pollution.

Province awards $13.6 million to GreenCentre Canada

Dr. Jessop at the Podium

Dr. Philip Jessop of the Department of Chemistry is the Technical Director for the centre, which focuses on the development and commercialization of Green Chemistry technologies.

Dr. Stan Brown elected as Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Dr. Stan Brown

Congratulations to Dr. Stan Brown on his election as Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Election to the RSC is the highest Canadian honour a scholar can achieve in the arts, humanities and sciences. Founded in 1882, the RSC is Canada's senior and most prestigious scholarly organization. The society has three primary functions: to recognize outstanding contributions to Canadian intellectual culture; to promote Canadian culture abroad; and to advise governments and organizations. While continuing to pursue its original mandate to promote excellence in research and learning, the RSC is also building bridges between its fellows and Canadian youth nationwide.

GreenCentre Canada, a new Centre of Excellence,

Suzanne Fortier , Dr. Rui Resendes, Dr. Philip Jessop, Mr. Peter Snucins, Dr. Kerry Rowe, The Honorable Gary Goodyear, Mr. John Molloy.

was awarded $9.1 M on Friday February 27th. Dr. Philip Jessop will be the Technical Director for the centre, which focuses on the development and commercialization of Green Chemistry technologies.

Photo by Greg Black, Queen's University. Suzanne Fortier (President, NSERC), Dr. Rui Resendes (Executive Director, GCC), Dr. Philip Jessop (Technical Director, GCC and Canada Research Chair, Green Chemistry, Queen's University), Mr. Peter Snucins (President & CEO, Polycorp Ltd. and Chair of the GCC Board), Dr. Kerry Rowe (Vice-Principal (Research) Queen's University), The Honorable Gary Goodyear (Minister of State (Science and Technology)), Mr. John Molloy (President & CEO, PARTEQ Innovations).

Dr. Nick Mosey awarded an Early Research Award of $140,000

Dr. Nick Mosey

Dr. Nick Mosey of the Department of Chemistry has been awarded an Early Researcher Award. He has been awarded $140,000 toward his research of Rational Design of Lubricants through Chemical Simulation. Dr. Mosey and his team are developing methods to chemically simulate realistic models of lubricated contacts, and use these techniques to predict the performance of lubricant systems.

Dr. Cathleen Crudden highlighted in "Chemical and Engineering News"

Dr. Crudden

Dr. Cathleen Crudden and her group are highlighted in "Chemical and Engineering News" for devising the first example of cross-coupling of chiral secondary boronic esters that proceeds with retention of sterochemistry.

Professor Gregory Jerkiewicz has been appointed editor-in-chief of "Electrocatalysis"

Dr. JerkiewiczProfessor Gregory Jerkiewicz of the Department of Chemistry has been appointed editor-in-chief of "Electrocatalysis", a international journal specializing in electrochemical reactions.

Professor Derek Pratt has discovered the benefits of Garlic

Dr. PrattA Queen's team of the Department of Chemistry lead by Professor Derek Pratt has discovered why garlic is beneficial as a  herbal medicine. It was widely believed that the organic compound, allicin that gives the vegetable its aroma and flavour acts as an antioxidant. But until now it hasn't been clear how allicin works, or how it stacks up compared to other antioxidants.

Discovery by Dr. Wu

Dr. Gang Wu and graduate student Irene Kwan of the Department of Chemistry have just solved the helical structure of self-assembled 5' -guanosine monophosphate (5'-GMP), a structure that has puzzled chemists for nearly 50 years.)

Green Chemistry breakthrough earns Queen’s scientist prestigious John C. Polanyi Award

Dr. Jessop

Professor Philip Jessop of Queen’s Department of Chemistry is this year’s recipient of the $250,000 NSERC John C. Polanyi Award, which recognizes a recent outstanding advance in any field of the natural sciences or engineering.

OCE Funding Received

Dr. Ralph Whitney, Dr. Ralf-Ingo Schenkel, Dr. Lisa Knight, Lorenzo Ferrari, Dr. Scott ParentScott Parent (CHEE x CHEM) and Ralph Whitney (CHEM x CHEE) have received funding from OCE, Centre for Materials and Manufacturing, to continue their collaborative research program with LANXESS Global Butyl Rubber R&D for another 3 years, with project funding of $449,400. Recently (September 2008) LANXESS celebrated the 10th year of this on-going collaboration at a meeting in Sarnia. Significant pieces of intellectual property, numerous refereed journal articles relevant to butyl rubber research, and the training of highly-qualified personnel for the elastomer industry have resulted from this synergistic interaction.

From left: Dr. Ralph Whitney, Dr. Ralf-Ingo Schenkel (Head of Global Butyl R&D), Dr. Lisa Knight (Research Chemist, LANXESS, Ph.D. Queen’s), Lorenzo Ferrari (Manager, Product Research Group), Dr. Scott Parent

CFI Funding Received

Dr. Gregory Jerkiewicz and his German collaborator Dr. C. Aris C.-Dreismann have received $199,390 from CFI for an project entitled “Infrastructure for the Search of Quantum Entanglement in Electrochemical Processes Involving Hydrogen”.  The project consists of three parts and its total cost is $498,474.

Mike Baird winner of the 2009 Canadian Catalysis Lectureship

Dr. BairdMike Baird is the winner of the 2009 Canadian Catalysis Lectureship Award, sponsored by The Canadian Catalysis Foundation and the Chemical Institute of Canada. The award is made to a researcher who is recognized as a leader in catalysis in Canada, and consists of an honorarium plus additional funding so that the winner can present a series of lectures across Canada.