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R. Julian C. Brown

Emeritus Faculty

Environmental & Analytical

Department of Chemistry

  • B.Sc., 1956, M.Sc., 1959, University of Sydney;
  • Ph.D., 1962, University of Illinois;
  • Assistant Professor, 1962-66, Queen's University;
  • Research Scientist, 1966-69, Australian Atomic Energy Commission.


Research Interests

My research is in the area of the chemical physics of solids, with special interest in solids in which there is disorder. In crystalline ammonium salts the ammonium ion is in a state of rapid rotation at ordinary temperatures, and the interaction between this ion and the surrounding crystal lattice leads to unusual properties. Several ammonium salts have very anisotropic thermal expansion and actually contract in one direction when heated; in some cases the heat capacity shows a broad peak at a characteristic temperature. Anomalies such as these are not found in the alkali metal salts of the same anions, and so must be due to the presence of the ammonium ions. The determination of the underlying mechanism for these anomalies is the object of this program of research.

Nuclear spin relaxation times provide a powerful means of studying the motion of molecules in both the solid and liquid state. Measurements of relaxation times can be made on many nuclei in a magnetic field by standard NMR and nuclear quadrupole resonance (NQR) methods. In collaboration with AECL, Chalk River, neutron diffraction is being used to examine details of the rotational motion of the ammonium ion in crystals which cannot be obtained by X-ray diffraction. The results of these experiments are then compared with theoretical models and molecular dynamics calculations from which detailed structural and spectroscopic information may be calculated.

Recent Publications

I.P. Swainson and R.J.C. Brown: "Refinement of Ammonium Perrhenate Structure using a Pseudo-Spin Model for the Ammonium Ion Orientation". Acta Cryst., 1997, B53, 76-81.

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