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Queen’s researchers receive federal funding for novel, patient-oriented cancer treatments

Queen’s researchers receive federal funding for novel, patient-oriented cancer treatments. Featured in the Queen's Gazette, Dr. Allingham along with co-investigators P. Andrew Evans (Department of Chemistry) and Andrew Craig (The Queen's Cancer Research Institute), will receive $497,500 over the three years. The federal financing will fund the development and pre-clinical testing of new cancer fighting drugs that disturb a key protein required for cancer cells to spread; 90% of cancer-related deaths occur by the spread of cancer cells within the body and new therapies like these will greatly improve the survival rates of cancer patients. For more information on the CHRP grants, please visit the website.


In Conversation with the Prizes for Excellence in Research Recipients

In Conservation with the Prizes for Excellence RecipientsThe panel discussion entitled, “In Conversation with the Prizes for Excellence in Research Recipients.” The panel will feature the 2017 Prizes for Excellence in Research recipients: Denis O’Donnell (Medicine), Cathy Crudden (Chemistry), Liying Cheng (Education), Sam McKegney (English Language and Literature), and Pascale Champagne (Civil Engineering). The panel will be moderated by Scott White, Editor-in-Chief of The Conversation Canada. A short description of Scott’s career is available below, and an article published in the Queen’s Gazette describes the recipients’ many research accomplishments.


Cathleen Crudden and her collaborators win the 2017 SYNLETT Best Paper Award

Cathleen Crudden and CollaboratorCongratulations to Cathy Crudden and her collaborators for being awarded with the award for the best paper in 2017 by SYNLETT. Benjamin List, Editor-in-Chief of SYNLETT, noted: "Nambo, Yim, Fowler, and Crudden have developed an elegant synthesis of tetraarylmethanes that involves an acid-catalyzed oxidative coupling of an arene with triarylmethanes, which became readily accessible in previous studies by the authors. The reaction proceeds via trityl-type cations and enables the formation of fascinating products, in which four different arenes are connected via a single stereogenic carbon atom."


Chemistry welcomes Dawn Free our new Financial Coordinator

Dawn FreeDawn Free joined the Department of Chemistry as Financial Coordinator on January 8th, 2018. With over 8 years of financial and administrative support experience working at Queens, Dawn has been successfully overseeing and managing a large number of research projects for Drs. Philip Jessop and Michael Cunningham in addition to providing project management support. Dawn has extensive financial and system skills working with PeopleSoft finance (FAST), ERS, acQuire, etc., and, over the years, has actively participated in various University Administrators focus groups and committees. From preparing/monitoring budgets and developing in-year and multi-year forecasting to reconciling and procurement activities, Dawn has a robust multifaceted portfolio of experience to bring into this challenging role.


Congratulations to Randa and Lily, two PhD students, on winning a poster prize at the 2018 Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry!

Randa Althobiti at the 2018 Winter Conference on Plasma SpectrochemistryLily Huang at the 2018 Winter Conference on Plasma SpectrochemistryTwo Ph. D. students from the Beauchemin group each won a poster prize at the 2018 Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry, which was held in Amelia Island, Florida, January 7-13, 2018. Randa Althobiti's poster is entitled Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry with On-Line Leaching: A Method to Assess the Maximum Bio-Accessibility of Toxic and Essential Elements in Wheat from Saudi Arabia and that of Lily Huang is Trace Analysis of Lead-Tin Solder Using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry.