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Science Rendezvous happening Saturday, May 12th!

Science Rendezvous PosterScience Rendezvous took place on Saturday, May 12th at the Rogers K-Rock Centre! Indeed there was a lot going on, in addition to the magic show (featured on CKWS), there will be laser demonstrations from the Loock group, some hands-on events for kids, drones, robots, police shows, ASAP science, and much much more!  Click here (PDF, 11.2 MB) to view the full event flyer. Science Rendezvous was featured in the Queen's Gazette.


Congratulations to Dr. Jerkiewicz, who has recently been conferred with the title of Professor of Chemical Sciences for life by the President of Poland

From the left: Gregory Jerkiewicz,Andrzej Duda, and Nicholas MoseyCongratulations to Dr. Gregory Jerkiewicz, who has recently been conferred with the title of Professor of Chemical Sciences for life by Andrzej Duda, President of the Republic of Poland. Dr. Jerkiewicz is an international-leading researcher in the fields of electrochemistry and electrocatalysis. He is renowned for his contributions to hydrogen, platinum and nickel electrochemistry and electrocatalysis. He leads the “Engineered Nickel Materials for Electrochemical Clean Energy” project supported by the NSERC of Canada through its prestigious Discovery Frontiers program. In the picture, Dr. Gregory Jerkiewicz, and Dr. Nicholas Mosey (Associate Dean Research) with President of Poland at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw on April 25th, 2018.  To read more, click here.


Dr. Guojun Liu's Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Materials Science has been renewed

Dr. Guojun LiuGuojun Liu (Chemistry) has been renewed at the Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Materials Science. Dr. Liu’s research is focused on the development of nanostructured polymer materials for various applications, including the refinement of filters that may be able to separate water from organic solvents. To read more about the Queen's faculty named Canada Research Chairs, please visit the Queen's Gazette.


Congratulations to Dr. Andrew Evans who will be the Editor-in-Chief of Organic Reactions, Inc. in August of 2018!

Andrew EvansCongratulations to Dr. Andrew Evans on being named the Editor-in-Chief of Organic Reactions, Inc. In August of 2018, Dr. Evans will replace Scott E. Denmark and he will be the first Editor-in-Chief outside of the United States. Originating in 1942 and having sold over 365,000 volumes, Organic Reactions is recognized as a distinguished source of trusted, comprehensive chapters that accentuate the practical aspects of synthetically useful chemical reactions. Dr. Evans will join the line of distinguished predecessors including Scott E. Denmark, Roger Adams, Arthur C. Cope, William Dauben, Leo Paquette, and Larry Overman.


Sir Fraser Stoddart presents at the Inaugural Walter A. Szarek Lecture

Left to Right: Peter Loock, Rebecca Modler, Vanessa Romano and Gang WuThe Inaugural Walter A. Szarek Lecture, hosted by Dr. Peter Loock, was held on Friday, April 13th in Chernoff Hall. The 2016 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, Prof. Sir Fraser Stoddart was able to speak to graduate students, professors and staff on “Materials beyond Cyclodextrins”. Sir Fraser Stoddart did his Postdoctoral Fellowship here at Queen’s University with Dr. Walter Szarek as his mentor. The President of NSERC, Dr. Mario Pinto, was a graduate student of Dr. Szarek and was honoured to be the one to introduce our main speaker. It was wonderful welcoming everyone back to Queen’s! The Gazette featured a story about the inaugural Walter A. Szarek lecture, to read more click here.


Graduate student Jaddie Ho, in the Jessop and Cunningham groups, has developed a "green" paint and his work was recently published in Green Chemistry!

Jaddie Ho testing the how flammable oil-based paints are in comparison to his newly created "green" paintGraduate student Jaddie Ho, (Jessop and Cunningham groups) has developed paints that work like high performance oil-based paints but are as “green" as water-based paints. His paints, which use carbonated water as a solvent, have just been published in Green Chemistry and covered as a news item in Chem & Eng News. Jaddie's research was also featured in the Queen's Gazette.

The photo on the left shows the new paint (the white strip on the right side) is more resistant to water than a commercial latex paint (the white strip, bubbling on the left). In the photo on the right shows the normal oil-based paints that are flammable and smog-forming (left), but Jaddie Ho's new paints (right) work the same way as oil-based paints without using any organic solvent.


Congratulations to undergraduate students Vanessa Romano and Rebecca Modler for their award winning 4th year research projects!

Left to Right: Peter Loock, Rebecca Modler, Vanessa Romano and Gang WuVanessa Romano (Macartney Group) won the Walter MacFarlane Smith Prize in Chemistry for her thesis "Cucurbit[7]uril complexation of aza- and oxa,azaspirocycles and aza- and oxa,azabicycles in aqueous solution". Rebecca Modler (Kontopoulou Group) won the M. Sullivan and Son Limited Scholarship for her thesis "Development of an X-ray microcomputed tomography technique to study the microstructure of polyamide/graphite composites".


Dr. Philip Jessop, along with a panel of experts, help the Government of Canada

The State of Science and Technology and Industrial R&D in Canada A 200-page report on The State of Science and Technology and Industrial R&D in Canada was released on the 10th of April. Why does research in Canada have difficulties in translating to market success? This report, commissioned by the Government of Canada, was prepared by a panel of experts including Philip Jessop. To view the report, please visit the Science Advice website: