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All operations involving toxic materials are to be performed in a fume hood. Treat all new or unknown chemicals as toxic.Use fume hoods only for chemical operations. Equipment not requiring exhaust protection should not be placed inside a fume hood.

All work should be performed at least 30cm back from the front edge of the air foil (18cm from the sash). Containment improves as the source of emission is moved inward.

Large pieces of equipment should be raised 5-8 cm to allow air to flow under them and sweep the surface of the hood.

Use the horizontal sash as much as possible instead of the vertical sash. The vertical sash should not be raised above 48 cm (18") for safe fume hood use. When using the vertical sash, the horizontal panels should be closed. When the sash is fully raised, face velocity will fall to 0.3 m/s (60 ft/min) and the alarm will sound. This position is to be used for setup only and no chemical operations should be in progress.


  • SILENCE THE ALARM. This is intended to warn you that the face velocity is insufficient. In the event the alarm sounds, lower the sash until it stops. If alarm continues to sound, call fixit at 77301 during normal working hours and the ERC at 36111 at all other times.
  • DRAPE CABLES AND HOSES OVER THE SASH FRAME. All cables and hoses must be run through the elongated holes located at the left and right edges of the air foil. You may not:-Alter the the sash lock to prevent it from latching at the 18" position. This position is the optimum position for operating safety of the fume hood. It is supposed to be inconvenient to operate the hood beyond this point.

  • Alter the alarm in any way. This includes resetting the calibration points; unplugging it; or removing it from service in any way. This device is required by law and its removal from service will subject you to penalties from the Ministry of Labour including fines/imprisonment/shutdown.-remove any safety/operating labels from any piece of equipment.The alarm is supposed to sound when the sash is fully raised. This is the setup position only and the fume hood may not be "operated" at this point as the face velocity is ~60 feet/minute. at the 18" height, the face velocity will be ~100fpm. Using the horizontal sash is your best option as the face velocity is then ~120fpm affording maximum safety.Bear in mind also that the fume hoods are not your personal property but rather are the property of Queen's University (as is true with all other equipment and furniture). As such, you may not modify it, deface it, or otherwise abuse it in any fashion whatsoever. Modifications can only take place with the consent of the University. If you have a malfunctioning piece of equipment, it is your responsibility to report it ASAP. Failure to do so places you in a liability position as you may have had prior knowledge of an unsafe condition and in the event of injury or death, you will be held equally responsible along with your supervisor and any other party deemed to be at fault in an inquiry or civil/criminal action.