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The Department welcomes Jason Vlahakis as the new Laboratory and Student Training Coordinator


Please join us in welcoming Jason Vlahakis to the Department of Chemistry as our Laboratory and Student Training Coordinator. Jason started in the Department as of Novermber 1, 2013.[posted Novermber 1, 2013]

The Department welcomes Gabriele Schatte as the new Instrumentation Manager (X-Ray Diffraction Facility)


Please join us in welcoming Gabriele Schatte to the Department of Chemistry as our Instrumentation Manager (X-Ray Diffraction Facility). Gabriele started in the Department as of September 3, 2013.[posted November 1, 2013]

First commerical agreement with China-based company Tianjin Jet-Mate Technologies Co. uses materials developed by Dr. Wang's group.


Parteq Innovation has signed a first commercial agreement with a China-based company, Tianjin Jet-Mate Technologies Co. for  luminescent materials   developed by professor Suning Wang's group. [posted October 24, 2013]

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Dr. Jerkiewicz appointed to the Advisory Board of FC Cubic (Japan)

Dr. Gregory Jerkiewicz has been appointed to the Advisory Board of FC Cubic, the Fuel Cell Cutting-Edge Research Center Technology Research Association. FC Cubic is supported by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization of Japan (NEDO). It works closely with Japanese car manufacturers as well as academic and industrial researchers conducting research and development activities in the area of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells. Dr. Jerkiewicz brings to FC Cubic his extensive knowledge of platinum electrochemistry and electrocatalysis. Dr. Jerkiewicz is the Editor-in-Chief of Electrocatalysis (inaugural IF = 1.455). [posted October 9, 2013]

Dr. Philip Jessop has been elected to be a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Congratulations to Philip Jessop who has been elected to be a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. Philip has also become the Landolt & Cie Professor in Innovations for a Sustainable Future at the Ecole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne in Switzerland, for the 2013-2014 academic year. He is also starting a three-year term on the NSERC Discovery Grant evaluation committee for chemistry.
[posted September 9, 2013]

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 Canada Announcement

Lacey Reid of the Crudden group is the recipient of the Marie Mottashed Graduate Scholarship

Lacey Reid of the Crudden group has been selected for the Marie Mottashed Graduate Scholarship. This Graduate Scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic excellence to funding-eligible female graduate students enrolled in the Physical Science. Lacey has been highlighted in the Queen's News Centre for her research work at Toyota R&D in Japan. [posted August 22, 2013]

Click here for more information regarding the Marie Mottashed Graduate Scholarship

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Results of Julia van Drunen (Dr. Jerkiewicz Laboratory) Featured on the Cover of ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

Nickel-based metallic foams studied by Julia van Drunen are used as current collectors and active mass supports in electrochemical energy storage and delivery devices.  They are also of interest as tunable electrocatalysts due to a range of chemical compositions, porosities and densities.  The journal cover prepared by Julia displays the various levels of structure present within nickel foam materials.  The background scanning electron microscopy image shows the interconnected three-dimensional structure of nickel foam.  The diagonal sequence of electron microscopy images demonstrates the structural characteristics as the magnification is increased, revealing multiple levels of porosity within the struts.  The cyclic voltammetry profile displays the electrochemical behaviour of nickel foam in alkaline electrolyte solution.  Julias PhD project has already resulted in three full-length research papers and three more are in final stages of preparation. [posted August 22, 2013]




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