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Baird, Michael C.   

  74669/32614     CHE434/CHE402     michael.baird  
Emeritus: Inorganic Chemistry
Organometallic chemistry; Catalysis; Polymer chemistry; Anti-cancer drugs; Organic synthesis

Beauchemin, Diane   

  77740/75375/32619     CHE106/CHE 338S/CHE308     diane.beauchemin  
Environmental and Analytical
Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry; Flow injection analysis; Speciation techniques; Separation and preconcentration techniques; Food analysis

Brown, R. Stan   

  78249/32400     CHE539/CHE507     stan.brown  
Catalysis; Mechanistic studies; Hydrolysis; Acyl and phosphoryl transfer; Alcoholysis; Electrophilic halogenation.

Brown, R. Stephen   

  32655/74499     CHE404/CHE330     stephen.brown  
Environmental & Analytical
Development of new methods of environmental analysis, with emphasis on detecting small organic compounds in aqueous samples. This requires development of instruments and chemical/biochemical assays to provide sensitive and selective measurement of a particular contaminant.

Buncel, Erwin   

  74855/32653     CHE339N/CHE502     erwin.buncel  
Emeritus: Organic, Bioorganic and Physical Organic
Studies encompass mechanisms, structure-activity relationships, the synthesis and investigations of novel compounds with unusual properties, molecular switching, molecular electronics. Methods used include fast and slow kinetics by spectrophotometric techniques, isotopic labeling, multi-nuclear NMR.

Cann, Natalie M.   

  32651     CHE306     natalie.cann  
Physical and Computational, Head of Chemistry
Statistical mechanics of chiral fluids and interfaces; molecular dynamics simulations; integral equation theories; high performance computing

Carrington Jr., Tucker   

  32552     CHE409    * tucker.carrington  
Theoretical and Computational
Quantum dynamics; the development and application of new computational methods for calculating spectra, rate constants, and photodissociation cross sections.

Crudden, Cathleen M.   

  36755/77895     CHE503/CHE538     cathleen.crudden  
Organic, Organometallic and Materials
Asymmetric catalysis; Ordered materials; Organic synthesis; Pharmaceutical synthesis; Synthetic methodology
Evans, P. Andrew 36286/74776 CHE504/CHE539 andrew.evans
Organic, Organometallic and Medicinal Chemistry Asymmetric Catalysis;  Metal-Catalyzed Reactions;  Natural Products;  Synthetic Methodology;  Total Synthesis

Hesp, Simon A.M.   

  75366/32615     CHE339/CHE309     simon.hesp  
Physical and Computational
Asphalt; Polymer modification; Low temperature cracking; Fatigue cracking; Moisture damage

Horton, J. Hugh   

  32379     CHE307     hugh.horton  
Physical and Computational/ Assoc Dean(Studies) Faculty of Arts& Science
Surface science; Scanning probe microscopy; Solid-liquid interfaces; Colloids; Nanoindentation

Jerkiewicz, Gregory   

  74779/36413     CHE335/CHE311     gregory.jerkiewicz  
Physical and Computational
Surface and materials electrochemistry; Hydrogen electrochemistry; Oxidation and corrosion of transition metals; Electrocatalysis; Bio-compatible material

Jessop, Philip G.   

  77768/33212     CHE534/CHE412     philip.jessop  
Organic; Inorganic
Green chemistry; Homogeneous catalysis; Asymmetric synthesis; Carbon dioxide; Supercritical Fluids; Nontraditional Solvents

Lemieux, Robert P.   

  74660/32649     CHE435/CHE200     robert.lemieux  
Chiral liquid crystals; Photochromic materials;Molecular recognition and self-assembly; Ferroelectricity

Liu, Guojun   

  78755/36996     CHE439S/CHE411     guojun.liu  
Polymer Materials
Polymer synthesis, Self-assembly, Nanostructure preparation, characterization, and application.

Loock, Hans-Peter   

  78057/74581/32621     CHE334A/CHE334/CHE304     peter.loock  
Physical and Analytical
Spectroscopy; Laser techniques; Photophysics; Fibre-optic detectors and sensors; Image analysis

Macartney, Donal H.   

  75018/32617     CHE438/CHE506     donal.macartney  
Supramolecular and Inorganic Chemistry
Supramolecular chemistry; Cucurbiturils; Cyclodextrins; Kinetics; Mechanisms

Mosey, Nicholas   

  32650     CHE403     nicholas.mosey  
Theoretical and Computational/Graduate Coordinator
Method development in the areas of density functional theory, ab initio molecular dynamics, and multi-scale simulation. Application of chemical simulation methods to tribochemistry, surface and interface chemistry, mechanochemistry, and self-assembly.

Nunzi, JeanMichel   

  36749     CHE310     jeanmichel.nunzi  
Chiral Photonics
Photoactive materials; Photonics; Organic electronics; Light-mater interaction, Chiral Photonics

Oleschuk, Richard   

  78256/36704     CHE338/CHE305     richard.oleschuk  
Environmental and Analytical
Microfluidics; Electrophoresis; Polymeric lab-on-a-chip; Mass spectrometry; Surface modification

Petitjean, Anne   

  75783/36587     CHE431/CHE410     anne.petitjean  
Supramolecular and biological chemistry
Organic and inorganic chemistry; nucleic acid recognition and processing; self-assembly and self-organization; dynamic materials

Snieckus, Victor A.   

  75484/75484/32239     CHE531/CHE530/CHE513     victor.snieckus  
Emeritus: Organic
Synthetic Methodology; Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules and Natural Products; Aromatic and Heteroaromatic Synthesis Directed ortho Metalation; Transition Metal Cross Coupling; Ferrocene and BINOL Ligands for Asymmetric Synthesis

Wang, Suning   

  74394/36941     CHE430/CHE406     suning.wang  
Inorganic; Organic
Luminescent materials; Organic light emitting diodes; Supramolecular chemistry; Lanthanide chemistry; X-ray crystallography

Whitney, Ralph   

  32641     CHE510     ralph.whitney  
Organic/Undergraduate Chair

Wu, Gang   

  75018/75671/32644     CHE438/CHE115/CHE408     gang.wu  
Physical and Computational
Nuclear magnetic resonance; Solid state; Quadrupolar nuclei; Proteins; Nucleic acids

Zechel, David L.   

  33259/74011     CHE413/CHE535N/110/533S/541M     david.zechel  
Biological Chemistry
Enzyme mechanisms and natural product biosynthesis

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