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We thank GreenCentre Canada for their support of our seminar program


All Seminars in the Program are Highlighted Green

(additional seminars are white)

*all seminars begin at 11:30am on Fridays in CHE 117 unless otherwise indicated.

Previous Seminar Schedule August - December 2013

Tentative 2014-2015 Seminar Schedule










10 Guy Lloyd-Jones, University of Edinburgh Cats and Dogma Abstract

Stan Brown

Frost Lecture

17 Darrin Pochan, University of Delaware Nanostructure and Material Construction through Peptide or Block Copolymer Solution Assembly Abstract G. Liu


1:30 PM

Marty Burke, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Making Molecular Prosthetics with a Small Molecule Synthesizer C. Crudden
31 Mark Tuckerman, New York University Understanding the mechanisms of proton transport in hydrogen bonded media from first-principle molecular dynamics Abstract N. Mosey
February 2014


7 Zoltan Mester, National Research Council From organo-selenium to selenium nanoparticles: mapping Se metabolic pathway in yeast using mass and X-ray spectroscopy Abstract D. Beauchemin
14 Chris Wilds, Concordia University

Investigation of the Substrate Range of O6-Alkylguanine-DNA Alkyltransferases Using Chemically Modified Oligonucleotides and the Properties of Parallel Stranded Adenosine Duplexes Abstract

A. Petitjean
21 Bill Poirier, Texas Tech University Quantum Dynamics of Hydrogen Interacting Exohedrally with Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Abstract T. Carrington
28 Dwight Seferos, University of Toronto Selenophenes and Tellurophenes: Molecules, Polymers, Nanostructures, and Energy Materials Abstract G. Liu
March 2014


7 Scott Hartley, Miami University o-Phenylenes: foldamers and precursors to board-like liquid crystals Abstract B. Lemieux
14 Weitao Yang, Duke University The wonders of electron density: from half an electron to noncovalent interactions of biomolecular complexes abstract

T. Carrington

Jones Lecture

21 Andrew Holmes, University of Melbourne Organic Electronic Materials: a License to Print Money

A. Evans

McRae Lecture

28 PhD Students


Alexandre Dunlop-Briere





Farhad Kaveh






Mohammad Hanif


PhD Departmental Seminars


Rare Intermediates of d0 Metallocene Catalyzed α-Olefin Polymerization and their Odd Properties abstract



Solid sampling ETV-ICP-OES to study the distribution of elements in soil samples so as to ultimately locate undercover ore deposits Abstract


XPS and Wagner plot analysis of model heterogeneous Pd-catalysts and Pd-nanoparticles abstract




M. Baird






D. Beauchemin





H. Horton

April 2014


4 Arindam Chakraborty, Syracuse University Investigation of electron-hole interaction in nanoparticles using explicitly correlated wavefunction based methods abstract T. Carrington



Zhongxin Zhou, Gilead Pharmaceuticals

A Race for Cure: Development of Medicines That Transform the Landscape of HCV Therapy abstract

C. Crudden



Cline Guguen,

Trent University

Analysis of natural nanoparticles by asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation

H-P. Loock



11 AM

PhD Students


Farhad Kaveh



PhD Departmental Seminars


Solid sampling ETV-ICP-OES to study the distribution of elements in soil samples so as to ultimately locate undercover ore deposits Abstract




D. Beauchemin




11 PhD Students



Yueqiao Fu





Yoseif Makonnen








Yingli Rao


PhD Departmental Seminars



Fabrication of Polymer Micro-Nozzle Array on Microstructured Fibers for Multiple Electrospray Ionization abstract


SAn Argon-Nitrogen-Hydrogen Mixed-gas Plasma as a Robust Ionization Source for Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) and Investigation of a Measure of Robustness abstract


The Hidden Chameleon: Photochemistry of Organoboron Compounds abstract




R. Oleschuk





D. Beauchemin








S. Wang

18   No Seminar (Good Friday)  
25 Migel Garcia-Garibay, UCLA Engineering Reactions in Crystalline Solids: From Molecular Information to Solid State Reactivity abstract

C. Crudden

Create Lecture

May 2014


2 Pawel Kulesza, Warsaw University Importance of Specific Interactions between Noble Metal and Metal Oxide Nanostructures in Efficient Electro(photo)catalysis abstract G. Jerkiewicz
16 Yunjie Xu, University of Alberta Rotational and Vibrational Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy of Chirality, Chirality Recognition, and Chirality Transfer abstract

C. Crudden

Create Lecture

June 2014


20 Michael Ingleson, University of Manchester Cationic Main Group Lewis acids in Synthesis: From the formation of fused organic materials to catalytic sigma bond activation and back S. Wang
27 Harald G. L. Schwefel, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg Non-linear optics and sensing with crystalline whispering gallery mode resonators abstract P. Loock
July 2014



9 AM CHE202


Martin Prechtl, Univeristy of Cologne From salty predators and creators to surface modifiers: ionic liquids as reducing agents towards nanoparticle catalysts abstract P. Jessop

10 AM CHE202

Lionel Delaude, University of Liege Synthesis, properties and organocatalytic applications of stable zwitterions derived from H-heterocyclic carbenes C. Crudden

11:30 AM CHE202



Kourosh Purdavaie









Ashish Sarker

PhD Departmental Seminar


Synthesis of the Phosphonium-1-indenylide (PHIN) Ligands 1-C9H6PMePh2, and 4,7-dimethly-1-C9H6PMePh2 and of the Corresponding Iridium and Rhodium Complexes [Ir(η4-C8H12)(η5-PHIN)]BF4 and [Rh(η4-C8H12)(η5-PHIN)]BF4 abstract

Binding characterization of organic microcontaminants to CTABr micelles to predict micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration treatment of wastewater abstract



M. Baird









S. Brown


2 PM CHE202


Sergei Manzhos, National University of Singapore Computational modeling and design of materials for electrochemical energy conversion and storage abstract T. Carrington
14 Naoto Chatani, Osaka University Direct functionalization of C-H bonds utilizing new chelation system C. Crudden
25 Gary Sheldrake, Queen's University Belfast Catalytic Processing of Complex Bio-feedstocks abstract C. Crudden
August 2014





Sogol Borjian Borojeni

PhD Departmental Seminar



M. Baird


2 PM CHE202

Hannu Hakinen, Nano Science Centre, Jyvlskyla, Finland Gold and silver in nanoscale, dispersed by ligands to molecular precision C. Crudden
  Zachary Hudson, University of Bristol From Nanopixels to Nanospears: Living Self-Assembly of Tailored Micelle Architectures S. Wang