List of Animations

Periodic Table reporting chemical shifts and scalar coupling for the various nuclei

flash Swf Introduction to NMR

Short animation on the pulse showing pulsing along X, Y, -X and -Y axis. A composite pulse is also illustrated

Short Animation that describe the usage of field gradient with spin echo experiment

flash SwfAn Animation that reviews various aspect of NMR:

An Animation that reviews more specifically Scalar Couplings

An animation that demonstrate Inversion Recovery for measuring T1 Spin-Latice relaxation time. (select a delay and click on "Play")

An animation that review different aspect of refocussing pulses (including Bird and Tango pulses) (Select the refocus sequence from the menu and click on "Play")

Animation on the APT pulse sequence

Animation on the INEPT pulse sequence

An animation that explains the usage of various 2D sequences with an example (disaccharide)

Homonuclear 3D NMR (TOCSY-NOESY)

Short animation on 3D HSQC-TOCSY

Short animation on 3D HNCA

Proton chemical shifts on some model compounds

Proton coupling constants

Carbon-13 chemical shifts on some model compounds

Carbon13 couplings

flahsHeteronuclear coupling

Scalar Couplings in Protein

Other WEB Animations :

Nice NMR Tutor


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